Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Question Answered

What a weekend! Busy,busy,busy!!!!!Hubby got to come home for a whole 3 days. I'm glad he came home, but I just wish we didn't have to stuff everything we did into just 3 days. Imagine everything you do in a week. Now do it in just 3 days. Next weekend, he will only be home for one and a half days. He doesn't get to relax at all. I try to do as much that I can through the week, but there are things that I just cant do. Anyways, I should at least be happy he has a job.

Last week I posted a question about if you would change your lifestyle if you had money. The reason I asked this question was, Hubby had a chance at a job where he would be making quite a bit more than we have ever made. Instantly I was thinking about the things I could buy. Better furniture, curtains for the house, new truck. Would I have a garden or just buy organic foods? Would I still want a milk cow, or would I find someone that would make the butter and cheeses for me? Do you see what I mean? So, I put the brakes on all of those kind of thoughts. I sat back and looked at the reason I was living like I am. I come up with the answer," I like the way I live!" We might get a newer tractor, or have the money to actually have the money to HIRE someone to finish the house. Or, we might build a bigger garage.(Hubby would need it to put his new tractor in. lol) But, I would still try to be self-sufficient. I could afford to buy that milk cow. I could buy fruit trees. I could afford to redo all of our fences. I might buy things, but it would be so I could have a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Oh by the way, Hubby didn't make the cut for the job. Hehehehehehe. I guess I won't have to worry about it now. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, poor, but happy.


Anonymous said...

Sorry hubby didn't made the job. But, maybe it's for the better. Maybe something else will come along. You never know. All things happen for a reason. Any new babies? ...debbie

Felinae said...

Sorry your hubby didn't get the job, maybe next time.

There is always another door opened when one door closes. So they say, I'm still looking for all those darned open doors LOL!

Have a good day

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a question we all think aboutat one time or another, though.
I know what your going through without hubby and trying to fit things into a short weekend.
My hubby can only come home once a month now and he only has two days or even just one day to get stuff done.
Like you I feel bad having do all the stuff we can't do, but it has to get done....and the kids wish he had more time with them, too.

Oh well. What can you do. It's just the way things have to be in this economy, right?

Hang in there,

Tonia said...

If I had more I would set up things quicker to my specifications. Build a summer kitchen!! plus various other things I have in the future plans. Its always nice to think What if?!

Michelle said...

My hubby and I just had this discussion tonight - how amazing that I found your blog. We just bought our final home, a one acre homestead and I want to turn it into something self-sufficient but am struggling to find the patience to wait out the journey that it takes to accomplish my long term goals - nothing happens over night - but sometimes I feel that if we had more money those goals could be accomplished sooner. I too would still choose to live my self-sufficient lifestyle - I would just buy more land and animals to do it on!

V.L. Locey said...

Sorry hubby didn`t get the job, but perhaps it was meant to be. =)

Faith said...

Sorry DH didn't get the job, but it's true. We will always be able to think of more ways to spend money if we have it. When we don't, we can find happiness where we are.

The one thing I would love, is to have a home and land paid for, and then some sort of recession-proof business to make sure you can retire without needing help. No mortgage and no debt. Then all you have to do is earn enough to pay as you go.

Sweet and simple lives.


Sarah said...

sorry he didn't get the job. I know the money would have been nice, but if nothing else, it gave you some good things to think about and examine about yourself and your life!
Can I just say...Kentucky is humid tonight? We're winding our way through the backwoods south of Louisville on our way to Somerset to deliver in the mornign. It may be muggy, but it feels good (emotionally) to be back in the South! waving at you, where ever you are in this great state, as we drive around in it!