Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Press One Please"

I am sooooo behind on my blogging! We have been kinda busy. Hubby has been fixing fence for a few days now. Those vines can take over! They can pull down a fence in no time. He started out with a weed eater. Then he moved on to a chainsaw. Finally he started to make progress. It's started to look pretty good around here. Well, at least in the back field. lol.

We were going to kill some chickens today. We have a few that are getting long in the tooth(or long in the beak), and they haven't been laying much this year. So instead of feeding them through this winter, we thought that THEY could feed US through the winter. Anyway, they got a stay today from the executioner's hatchet. It was too winding to keep our fire going under the pot of water for scalding. Man, they were lucky. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

So instead of killing chickens, we worked on getting burrs out of the horses manes and tails. Now that's a job! Scout was full of them. His tail looked like a possum's tail. We didn't get all of them out today. Scout isn't used to being handled for long periods of time. He'll get use to it though. We plan on putting a saddle on him in a few days. That should be interesting. I'll try to get some pictures.

Oh, I wanted to tell you about a phone call we got around 8:45 last night. It was a bill collector. Well, it was a recording of a bill collector. They were looking for a person that doesn't live here. So the recording said,"If this is"the person's name", please press one. If this is not "the person's name", then press two." I pressed two. Then the recording said," If "the persons name" is there and you need to get that person, press one. If "the person's name" is not there, press two." I pressed two. Then the recording said, "Please call the number 1-888-xxx-xxxx to talk to a customer serves rep. Good bye." So I thought I would call that number and inform them that the person they are looking for doesn't live here, so they can take our phone number out of their system and we wouldn't get the annoying phone calls. I got another recording that said, " This number is no longer in service." AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!

So every other day or so, we will get a bill collector call our house looking for this person. As soon as I can talk to a live person, I'll tell them that the person doesn't live here. Until then, I'll just pick it up, say "Hello," and then hang up.
Oh, well.

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, phone hanger-upper.


soni said...

i hear that complaint all the time. Please don't be one of those customers that call and ask the phone compnay what to do. We cannot control who calls you, we just provide service. That is like asking the cable company to please stop playing certain shows... they cannot do that,, they only provide service... so sorry :) Enjoy your prank call,, lil sis, stupid phone company employer :) love ya

Anonymous said...

We had that happen to us and it went on for nearly a year. We did talk to a live person and it did no good. I called the Attorney Generals office and they were no help. I called the Better Business B. and they did no good. What stopped it finally was when they called I answered The Blakley Residence - told them we just moved and it was a new number. It took a few times but we no longer get their calls....wondered where you went!...debbie

V.L. Locey said...

That phone battle sounds very familiar, as does the stay of execution for your older chickens! We`re still trying to get around to the processing we need to do as well here. =)