Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's in a Name?

Okay, see that bull in the back? We need a name for him. He's 18 months. We bought him a couple of months ago and still haven't named him. We have to come up with something to put on his papers. Any suggestions? ( Nobody would let me call him Fluffy, Snookums, or Cuddle Bug. I don't know why.)

The bull in front is one that was raised on the farm from a baby. We have already sold him to our neighbor. We took him over to the neighbor's farm and then the next morning, he was back. He jumped the neighbor's fence, and then he jumped back into our pasture. He didn't want to leave! We took him back the next day. This time neighbor put him in the barn for a week. So far, no extra bull in our field.

We are dealing with coyotes. Lot's and lot's of coyotes. Just last night we heard them in our front yard! My small house dog is in heat. I'm wondering if that's why they came so close. Our neighbor had a 300 lbs calf killed just last weekend. He found it down in the holler. Half of it was eaten. Two days later he found his beagle dead down in the holler. Same thing, half eaten.We think it's coyotes. (I suggested aliens, but that just got me some eye rolls. No imagination.)

Oh I almost forgot. My fantastic Hubby built me a clothes line yesterday. It's wonderful. I'll post pictures of it later. Now I can hang clothes to dry instead of heating up the whole house while using the dryer. This summer we haven't used our air conditioning. That may not be that big of a deal where you live, but here it's been in the 90's with the humidity as thick as pea soup. We do have a small window unit in our bedroom. (I'm a wimp when it comes to my sleep. I need it to be cool.)

So until later....

Small Farm Girl, hot sleeper.


Jennifer said...

Awww, but Snookums would be such a good name! Seriously, I don't have a name suggestion, but I have to say he's a beautiful bull.
Congrats on the clothesline. I'm a wimp too when it comes to sleep. If it's hot, I can't sleep!

Anonymous said...

How about "Fargo". Fargo the Bull. Such a sweet hubby to put you up a clothes line! We have Coyotes at our Mountain house. Sometimes we can hear them talking to each other. One will bark on the flat and the other on the Bluff and they will exchange conversation. Creepy. Hope you keep your little doggy in the house where it's safe. Hey! I'm with you, I can't stand to be hot when I sleep...or any other time for that matter...I like my air. We don't have air in the mountains - for the most part it's really nice and cool at night. Hey, we don't live very far from each other if you live in KY....debbie

Anonymous said...

yes make sure little skeeter doesn't stay out to late, i wld hate for coy-ites to get her. A name for the cow,,, hmmmmm,,, how bout,,,, lets call it,,, maybe,, joseph,
kiss :) SONI,

Noushad. PT said...


JLB said...

pumpkin?? Muffin??

Are there any laws where you're at about shooting?? There's a bounty in our state for the little suckers. ;) They DON'T come near the house!

Kelle said...

Okay you sort of know my personality from our letters so.... I put my choice for the bull's name is, ready..... "Blue", LOL!!!

He's almost as handsome as "Abe"( Addy's boyfriend)