Monday, June 1, 2009

Sitting or Setting?

We have a hen setting! Hubby marked a few brown eggs that she was sitting on with a marker so we could tell which ones she was trying to hatch. We have other hens that will get in the same nest as she is and lay their eggs. You will come into the chicken house sometimes and there will be two hens in the same nest. They must really like each other.

We have different kinds of chickens. Some will lay green eggs,some blue, and some will lay brown eggs. I like the chickens that lay the brown eggs. It might just be our deranged chickens, but ,the ones that lay the brown eggs seem to be more calm. The other chickens are real flighty. They get nervous over some of the dumbest things. They just act more wild. So we only let the hen sit on brown eggs. We are hoping to get a calmer chicken.

I've got a couple question. Is it called "setting" or "sitting?"

Another question is, can a chicken change the color of it's egg?

We have had our chickens for about 2 years now. They all are mature hens. But of late, we have been getting a white egg. What I want to know is HOW? We have never had a white egg before. I mean really, what's the deal? Is one of our hens out sourcing? Is she paying a seragent egg layer? You might think that it really is just a light color of green or blue. Nope, it's white. I can put it up against a piece of white paper. It's white.It really has me puzzled. Will I go out to the chicken house one early morning to find another hen smuggling in a white egg? If so why? Okay, I'm going a little overboard here. But it is a mystery.

So if anyone out there has an idea, please leave me a comment.

So for now....

Small Farm Girl, detective.


Jeannetta said...

How old are the chickens? You've had them two years, were they chicks when you got them? Off the top of my head I would say you have an old chicken and she's lost her pigment. Of course I could be way off track too :D
It could be a lack of minerals too. Make sure they have oyster shell or something.
If you ever DO figure it out, I'd like to know :)

komar said...

Interesting post! For all is must think.

soni said...

i think its an egg smuggler,, or its luke playing games w/you. next time you find a white egg,, look around real quick to make sure luke isnt covering his mouth laughing and pointing at you being so puzzled,

p.s. he may even be giving skeeter a high five, they both may be in kahuts

small farm girl said...

By George I think you've got it!