Wednesday, June 10, 2009

garden update

Isn't that the prettiest sight you've ever seen? I've waited months to see one of these beauties. With all of the rain we have had here, it's a wonder that I could get this close to take a picture without sinking up to my eyeballs in mud.

Our tomatoes are doing really good this year.(so far) Now if we can keep the weeds down. The weeds like the rain too.

I think Skeeter is looking for rabbits in the turnips. I hope she scared them all away. To the far left is our onions, then beets, then turnips, then the beans,(please don't look at the weeds, they are gone now.I said don't look!)

This is another pretty sight, our first zucchini. I can taste it now. Do you know how hard it is NOT to pick it before it's ready? I'm tempted every time I look at it. I look at it a thousand times a day.(Okay maybe not a thousand, but I look at it a lot.)

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, (weed fighter)


komar said...

weed fighter :) This is a good job. Everything is green and grows

Anonymous said...

I'm an old kentucky girl, so I had to smile when I saw the tobacco sticks in your garden....
I've lived in Texas now, on an old farmstead, for 30 yrs, cause I married a Texan, but my heart's always been in KY.
Btw, I have a tobacco stick standing in a corner behind the door in my kitchen that's been made into a walking stick. :)