Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Over stimulated!

Okay, now that I've got your attention with the title, I'm going to apologize for the rant that I am about to go on. Kids now a days. I think I've figured them out. They are over stimulated. I have come to that conclusion in the past few days. One of the reasons that I haven't been able to blog a lot lately is,between Hubby playing Farm Town on Facebook and Glamore Girl on her Myspace, I haven't had any time on the computer.

Anyways, Hubby's daughter,Glamore Girl, has been staying with us for the past few days. I could not believe some of the habits teenagers have now a days. I really think one of the main reasons some(I use the word "some" so as not to get a thousand comments about how THEIR teenager isn't like that)teens have problems today,is that they are over stimulated.

GG gets up in the morning. The first thing she does is grab her cell phone so that she can text someone.(Was not my idea to get her a phone) She then comes in and turns on the tv. Still texting. Then she gets the laptop and goes to myspace and starts typing to her friends. All the time this is going on, her phone keeps vibrating, letting her know that she has a text coming in. So, being able to multi-task, she is typing on the computer with one hand, and texting with the other. Oh, and watching tv. Whew, I'm already tired and it's just getting started.

She asks to go 4 wheeling. We said no. Hubby had to mow hay. Now she is bored. I told her to help weed the garden, go read a book, sit on the front porch and enjoy the humming birds, take a walk, go fishing in the pond, or do hundreds of other things that you can get into on a farm. Nope, she just wanted to be bored. I didn't want her to ride the 4 wheeler around by herself because unless we are riding with her, she likes to go FAST! More stimulation. Oh and still texting.

So while she is texting, she gets an invitation to a birthday party. Hey, a party that might be fun. She is there less than an hour and (you guessed it) texted me to say that she was bored. So Hubby goes and picks her up. I am exercising(swimming) at my cousins house. We ask if she wants to go swimming. "Not really." she says. So as we sit and visit with my cousin, she is at the table texting. I can barely control myself. It would be sooooo tempting to throw that phone into the pool. But, me being the good step mom that I am,(LOL) I don't. (although I imagined it in my mind)

So we finally come home. It's kind of late and everybody needs to get baths and showers. She takes a bath.(that way she can text in the tub) Then while I'm taking my shower, she is back on the computer talking to her friends. I've just about had it. I tell her to go to bed. "I'm not tired" she said. No wonder, over stimulated. She does, finally go to bed. But we still had to make her go.

After a few minutes, I get ready to go to bed. I happen to glance in her room as I go to ours, there she is with the lights on and the radio going full blast. I go in to turn things off. As soon as I turn off the radio, she sits up and says she can't sleep unless her radio is on. And now, she has decided that she was afraid of the dark. She is 15.

I go to our room just shaking my head. I mean, what can I do? I go to my room, turn off all the lights, snuggle into my blankets and put earplugs in.


So for now....

Small Farm Girl, loving the quiet...

P.s. I'm going to kill that cricket.


Donna said...

You've perfectly described the life of my oldest granddaughter for the past ten years. My pre-teen and 13-year old granddaughters aren't so computer-addicted, but that texting constantly drives me CRAZY! Why do kids this young need a cell phone in their hands at all times?

Jennifer said...

It's not just the teenagers. All of my brothers/sisters in-laws that are in their 20s, and mid 20s at that, with kids of their own are the same way. They're glued to their cell phones, computers, video games,etc. and always talking about being bored. I can't understand how when each of them has 2+ kids under the age of 5!! How could you possibly ever be bored?!?
Things have changed so much. I don't really ever remember being bored as a teenager and that was without all the electronics of today.

Sarah said...

My sister-in-law is the same way. She's 17 and I adore her, but she's constantly texting, and she goes to bed with her iPod plugged into her earphones. Says she can't sleep without the music. When we go somewhere in the car you have to repeat everything to her, first time you say it is to get her attention and she has to pull out the earphones and say "huh?" and then the second time you say it is for her to hear. Love her to death, but the phone and iPod do get on my nerves at times. I'm only 15 years older than her, but I think her group has way too much technology at their disposal.

Kelle said...

Our son, Jon is the same as all mentioned above and GG. When he comes for a visit we make hime shut off his phone. I HATE texting, I'm sorry it is RUDE. It's like having a conversation and then turning to whisper to the person next to you while someone else is talking, RUDE!

They all seem to know how to work all this technology, yet they don't know who made the first flag, who the signers of the Constitution were, what is even in the Constitution, know nothing of the history of our country, how to cook from scratch, how to do most anything manually. Okay rant over and I say this and include our son, who was home schooled, taught the very things I listed and yet joined right in and conformed with the rest of them *heavy sigh* I thought I was teaching him to be a leader and he is just a simple follower, addicted to his cell phone and texting. :o(