Sunday, June 14, 2009

I'm Back!!!

I just have a second to say that me and Hubby just got back from our vacation trip.It was our 10th anniversary Friday. Yea!!!(and they say it wouldn't last) We went to the Amish country in northern Ohio. I was really fun.I will be posting photos soon and of course telling some about our experiences. Hopefully tomorrow.

Until then....


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Kelle said...

Hey, I missed ya!

Happy belated 10th anniversary! Can't wait to see you pictures and read your info on Amish country. I'd love to go to Lehman's, someday maybe? Glad you both had fun, with you busy schedule you both needed the break.

You garden looks wonderful, our tomatoes are blooming and the ones in the greenhouse even have maters the size of golf balls on them, YEAH! I can't wait for the first ripe one!