Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good Things

Things have been going good here.  Things are, so far, looking up.  We changed doctors for Hubby.  I don't know about you, but I don't like a doctor that throws pills at you and says, "Take these and come back in 3 months.  If they worked, we know we diagnosed you right."  Uh.....no.  We don't "just" take pills to "see". Anyway, we found another doctor that believes in natural medicine along with modern day medicine.  She also specializes in stomach issues. She is a great find! We got to talking and she informed me that the food that we eat today has caused so many of the health problems that are out there today.  I would love to be able to sit and pick her brain for a few hours, but I'm sure that would be expensive. :0)

We have been trying to eat as much organic food as we can.  It's hard.  I will be the first to say that our diet wasn't the best.  Now we have to change our "tastes" of food.  I've been spending time going over the Internet looking for recipes and such.  Pintrest is a life saver.  With me working, it's also harder to find the time to make the good meals that we need.  I'm having a little problem trying to balance work, farm work, and house work.  I didn't realize how much there is!!!

The garden is starting to produce now.  Lots of cucumbers and peppers.  The cherry tomatoes are starting to ripen also.  The bigger tomatoes are starting to develop nicely.  Hubby put up the rabbit fence around the whole garden yesterday so I'll be able to go in and weed the garden now.  I know that doesn't make since, but I had to keep weeds in my beans to hide them from the rabbits.  If I weeded them, the rabbits thought I was uncovering the beans just for them.  Now that the fence is up, I'll try to make that garden look like it should.  Plus, I can plant more beans and other things for the fall.

I keep having good things to tell you all.  We had a new calf born!  We think it's a heifer.(girl)  She will be a keeper.  No freezer time for her.  With cattle prices being so high, having a heifer born on the farm was good news indeed.  She will, hopefully, give us many years of more calves.  I haven't been able to get too close to her for a picture just yet.  The three older cows that we have are wild.  They won't let us near her.  I promise though, I'll get a good picture and post it on here.  She is the color of a chocolate bar.  We called her Hershey.

Another good thing happening around here....The "dream thing" is coming true.  I wished I could tell you more, but I want it to be official before I can tell you all what it is.  This, keeping it a secret, is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!  It's hard for me to keep in good news! Oh well, it will be out soon. I hope.  :0)

Well,  I'm going to get off here and get back to work.  No time to relax around here anymore.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, good news teller and secret keeper.


Catherine said...

Oh, Honey, keeping a secret isn't what drove you crazy. I'm keeping it secret and I'm not...oh, wait...never mind. ;-D

small farm girl said...

Uhhhh, ya. Hehehehehe

Sandy said...


I'm happy to hear you found another doctor. Someone who will talk with you and not just give you pills and say see you in 3 months.

A life style change with your food will make a major difference in how you feel. It's difficult at first but after several weeks have passed it all comes naturally.

Great new on getting your garden fenced this way those wild rabbits will stay away from your fresh vegetables.

There are so many times when I'm tired, and just don't feel like cooking. My husband and I will just have oatmeal for dinner. We found a recipe from a friend, and we make Amish Baked Oatmeal with fresh fruit and it truly is delicious and filling.

I'm so happy for you on the birth of your female cow and look forward to hearing about your surprise.

Take care, and I'll be waiting.....

small farm girl said...

Thanks Sandy! I know it's gonna be a change, but it will be worth it. I'll have to try the baked oatmeal. Sounds like something I would like!

SciFi Chick said...

Ok I hate it when someone tells me there is or could be a wonderful secret but they just can't say yet..... argggg!!!!

The first thing I thought of was an extra mouth to feed on the homestead. Now that would be a cool surprise!

Carolyn said...

Congrats on the new calf, especially it being a heifer!

Eating healthy is difficult (even though many say it isn't) when you're not used to it. Every little bit helps, so just keep at it. (And don't kill yourself over a small McD's fries!)

Looking forward to your secret...you stinker.

small farm girl said...

Uhhhh, no. A big FAT no. Did I say no? :-D

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the encouraging words! And you made my day. My grandpa use to call me a little stinker all the time. Made me smile. :-)

Frank and Fern said...

It's great you found a doctor that understands the value of real food instead of pills. We have had the same experience and it is just great. It sounds like many things are looking up for you two.


Vera said...

Glad your husband is getting his health sorted out. Our diet used to be dreadful, but I have managed to improve it now we are in France and have a different lifestyle, but I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It took a while to get used to having to do so though, but now I enjoy it. I am looking forward to hearing what your secret is!

Anonymous said...

My hubs and I had all kinds of stomach and bowel issues, until our chiropractor told us to stop eating all grains, refined sugar, and eat organic as much as possible. And take probiotics. Of course, our MD's wanted us on all kinds of meds that only slap a bandaid on these things. We are COMPLETELY cured of all issues! And when we stray back to eating garbage, we pay for it. I guess this is really a Paleo sort of lifestyle, but we do have organic dairy. We bake with almond flours and other nut or coconut flour. Amazing, how different it feels to FEEL good!!! I tell everyone what the chiro told me, "give me two weeks grain free, and tell me how you feel." Wow. I pray this helps!

small farm girl said...

Yes Fern, it is nice. :-)

small farm girl said...

Vera, I don't mind cooking. It's just hard to figure out WHAT to cook.