Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Little Bit Of Everything

Things have been going fairly slow here on the farm.  The heat has brought everything, pretty much, to a stand still.  This weekend is suppose to be nice so it looks like hay will be cut and rolled.  Don't plan for parties and such when hay season is upon you.  That's where the old saying, "Gotta make hay while the sun shines," comes from.  

Hubby has been feeling better.  He said that he doesn't get the pains in his stomach as much.  I keep forcing water on him to drink.  He actually says he is craving water now instead of forcing himself to drink it.  It makes it easier on him that way.  We are still going to doctors appointments every now and them.  I think they want to get as much from us as they can.  It's a good thing we have decent insurance.  For that, I'm thankful.

We have been trying to stay away from processed foods as much as we can.  It can get expensive since our garden hasn't really taken off yet. I did get some cucumbers and jalapeno peppers out of it the other day.  I wished I knew we were going to be going through this a head of time, I would have planted so much more.  Some big prepper I am. hehehe.

The rabbits seem to really like getting in the garden and eating the beans, so we have had to put up a smaller holed fence on the bottom of the existing fence that we already had up.  I'm hoping this fence keeps the "garden eaters" at bay.  Nothing more aggravating than something eating your garden, that you have worked hard on, for a few months.  Last night Jack was barking at four deer across the road.  I'm hoping he will keep them away.  He's usually a big chicken unless it's someone or another dog walking the road.  I wouldn't want to come up on him in the dark either. Think Cujo.  hehehe

Almost all of the chickens have graduated to the big house.  We only have 5 Americanas that are still too little to join the crowd.   They are still in the "in between" house.  It won't be long now.  And yes, before you ask, we are still working on the chicken coop.  The coop itself is just about done, the fence is not.  I'm not really worried.  Small Stuff.

The rabbits are getting bigger.  I figured I will be butchering some soon.  Possibly this weekend.  All depends on the hay.  This heat is really hard on them.  They can handle the cold so much better.  I put a floor tile in their cages so that they can lay on it.  The tile usually stays cool.  Plus they like to nibble on it to sharpen their teeth.  I just learned about that little trick this past winter.  We shall see how it works.

I did find a job.  I'm back to working in a salon again.  This one is a little different than the one I was in.  I really like it.  Everyone there is different.  No one is the same.  We also all get a long because of these differences.  It doesn't really seem like work being here with these people.  They also understand that I have  a farm and there may be times I can't come in.  That's a rare gem to find. I hoping that by me working I will be able to keep up with this blog.  In fact, I'm writing this at my desk at the salon.  It may just work out.  I can see the barn going up soon.....Hopefully.

I'll let you know.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, employed.


Willow said...

We lost one of rabbits yesterday . She was a Lop ear a pet , an older doe ~ I am sure though that the intense heat factored in with her age brought it on. Your right they can handle the cold so much better.

Vera said...

Good luck with the hay making. We got hay off our field a few weeks ago, and crikey but it was a long, hot, and tiring, job but will well worth it to see the barn stacked up with hay. Will still have to buy some hay in though. As for rabbits... we lost all our rabbits to maximytosis (sorry, don't know how to spell it!) two years ago, and have not had the time or energy to start keeping rabbits again, but we are missing the meat, and it was just yesterday that Lester mentioned that we really ought to start keeping them again.
Glad you have found a job, and hope it goes well for you.

Michaele said...

Great update! Good luck with all you have going on this summer. The job sounds perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

Seems that your 'new normal' is working out just fine. :-)

small farm girl said...

Sorry to hear this Willow. They do become pets sometimes. I've gotten to where I've even put frozen water bottles in their cages so they could lay against them. Poor things.

small farm girl said...

Thank you!!! I do agree thought, you need to start up your rabbits again! Lol

small farm girl said...

Thanks Michaele. So far so good on the job.

small farm girl said...

I sure hope so! It hasn't gotten too normal just yet though.

Sandy said...


Congrats on the job! If you love doing what you're doing, than it's not a job.....it's just a way of life. It sounds to me like there are some really nice people there.
Give it a little time and before you know it you'll have that barn you've wanted.