Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter has officially arrived here! How do I know? We have wrapped our house. Not just the windows, the whole house. If you haven't been following this blog for very long, you will need to know that the house we live in now was built back in the 1860's. It's not the grand house you would imagine, it's the "poor farmer" type of house. Anyway, we get a 10 ft tall, 100 ft long piece of plastic and literally wrap the outside of our house. It make such a difference! It cuts down on the wind blowing through all of the cracks and crevices. That is why we are building a new house. This one is about to fall down. We don't figure it will be too long until we move into the new one. I can hardly wait.

Another sign that winter has arrived, people are talking about having all of their Christmas shopping done. I hate them.(okay, not really, well maybe a little bit)Each year I tell myself that I am going to start shopping earlier. Never happens. I don't know why. I am just now getting over my stuffed belly from Thanksgiving. I just now am coming out of my turkey coma. I shouldn't have to think about shopping now. I think we should partition the courts to move Thanksgiving to a month that doesn't have a good holiday. Like August, or March. We don't need St. Patrick's Day. If we did that, we would have a longer time to get ready for Christmas. It's just a thought. LOL!

Okay, I'm done for now. Until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, Buh Humbug.


~Tonia said...

I am not ready either I am usually a little bit ready but with the layoff we have nothing ready... Well the decorations are up... I am glad a few years ago we went down to just a few gifts. We dont go all crazy. Actually dont buy for anyone but our kids and my In-laws. My side of the family my parents get stuff for the kids and we may get somethign little for the family. Like I am going to bake bread and something sweet along with anything else I might figure out between now and then...
But I am all for moving Thanksgiving.... Or Christmas...

~Tonia said...

Oh and on the wrapping the house... My mental image is some one with a Giant roll of Saran Wrap! Lol I bet it makes a huge difference!!

small farm girl said...

Tonia, it is like a big roll of Saran Wrap. It's just a little thicker. We use boards to hold it up. Oh, by the way, we don't do the door so we can at least get into the house. lol

Andora said... gave me my big laugh of the day...I agree about switching Thanksgiving to another month...I am no where near done shopping,cuz I hate shopping..I had rather be in the woods..but I do have my tree up,that should count for something care

Feral Female said...

Don`t feel badly, I have a ton of shopping to do yet myself. My mother`s ability to have everything bought, wrapped and ready by Thanksgiving has apparently skipped a generation. =)

Horses Are Our Lives said...

I need to see a pic of your house! I wondered about the doors, too! lol I have put plastic up around windows before. I love the photo of the round bales. I'm the same way about shopping. I really can't think about it until Thanskgiving is over, then I feel rushed to get it done! Kids are grown, so shopping is actually easier now. thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

Get RID of ST. PATRICKS DAY??!? Are you kidding?! Why that is my sacred Holiday! I come from a long line of O'Brien's and we love the holiday!! lol lol...You need to post a photo of your Christmas Wrapped house! Where do you get that much plastic? As for Christmas...Oh, we'll all get it done in spite of the warm weather and turkey comas (that is so funny). Some how we'll get er done!! Merry Christmas!!...debbie

Kelle said...

Awhhhh, why the Bah Humbug? Don't let the commercialization of Christmas get you down. Instead of beinf stressed, why not figure out a way to make the holiday simpler and more enjoyable.

A gal posted on anther blog about following the system called; JOY
It means three simple gifts, homemade or store bought for those you give gifts to.
J is a gift thats focus is on Jesus( new Bible, Christian CD, ornament, etc...
O is a gift to share with others( a game, a donation in the person's name, etc...)
Y is a gift for yourself, something that person reall NEEDS for their own personal use.
This system of gifting puts Jesus first, Others second and Yourself last. I really like that how about you? Maybe an Advent story to keep you focused on the true reason for this Holiday.
No more Bah Humbugs from you girl, or I'll send this frigid cold( -5F this morning) your way*wink*

Sarah said...

Oh it is a rush, but its all part of the fun! One big party, you know?
Glad you got your house wrapped. Maybe next year you could find some clear red plastic to wrap your house, and then put a huge green bow on top and consider your exterior decorating done!

small farm girl said...

Andora...Glad I got someone on my side!
F.F.....Oh, your mom is one of THOSE people. lol.
H.A.O.L...I'm too ashamed to post a picture of my wraped No problem about your blog. It's pretty good.
Debbie...Okay, so I don't have a giant crowd of angry scotish people gather at my door, we can keep St. Patrick's Day. lol. We found the plastic at Lowe's. And Merry Christmas right back attcha!
Kelle....That JOY thing does sound pretty nice. And no, you can keep the cold weather up there.
Sarah...Yea, it is a rush, and I have to admit, I kinda like it. :) The red plastic is a good idea, but next year, I hope to be in my new house.

Thank guys for the comments!

~Tonia said...

Ahhh come on just a pic!! Everyone has bad house pics dont they??? LOL
My Chicken Trick is 10 hours of light.. I have a timer that comes on at dusk and is on for about 5 hours after dark. I would rather have one that comes on early in the morning.But this timer was on
Anyway Chickens really dont need warmth to lay eggs just light to set their clocks by.. So I have what equals to a 60 watt lightbulb(flourescent light which is actually I think 13watts) that provides those extra hours of light. I let them finish moulting before I increase their light. I have eggs all winter and they lay till later summer! I have some chickens that are 5yrs old that are still laying regular and quite proud of their ability! They announce it to the neighborhood everytime!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You're not alone. I've not gotten any shopping done at all...nor Christmas cards sent (and I don't plan to either). I just got our outside lights up today.....and I'm exhausted. lol! Tomorrow will go up our tree and decorations...but with the help of my kidlets. whew!

Wrapping your house in plastic, you say? I've got to see this! Maybe you could put a big bow on top of the roof, like a big present!


Ann said...

Your chicken on your profile looks like the ones my mum kept in Borneo, and also the semi ferrel ones we have in a park.

Your Winter is here, is there snow?

It is summer here, but it feels like winter.