Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Cobwebs Are Blowing

It's soooooooo cold! Oh, and windy too! We had wind gusting around 60 mph here. That's windy. The wind moved the chicken house on it's foundation. Hubby has to get the tractor to move it back. Our chicken house is a BIG chicken house. It"s probably 7ft tall, 10ft long, six ft wide. The wind moved it! That just blows my mind. (Get it? "blows?" .."wind?" Never mind.)

The wind also ripped our fancy dancy plastic on the side of our house. Ripped it all the way off. So, the wind that is now COLD(20*), is blowing through our house. BBBBRRRRRR!!!!!We woke up this morning to a temp of 54* in our house. The thermometer is only 6 ft from the wood stove. DOUBLE BBBRRRRR!!!!

The only thing that saved us was(okay, this is not very "homesteady")our electric blanket. I love my electric blanket. Well not really, but right now, I love my electric blanket. Any other time, I hate the electric blanket. I hate the "false" feel of heat that it provides. No matter how low I put the settings, it is too hot for me. I like getting warm with my own body heat and tons of blankets. You know, blankets so thick and heavy that you need to sleep with a bumper jack to jack up the covers just so you can turn over. Now that's how I normally like to sleep on a cold night. But, when the wind is whipping through the house, I LOVE my electric blanket.

Hubby went and got us some new thicker plastic and has wrapped our house again. I think I'll keep him around. But you know what? I'm still going to sleep with my electric blanket tonight. hehehe

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, electric blanket lover(for now).


granny said...

At the moment,talk of thick blankets and electric blankets almost make me faint !!! We are having trouble cooling done enough to sleep at night :0)
There have been some news reports over here (or down here) about all the wind and snow blizards you've had.Looks pretty nasty in some parts.
Stay warm!

~Tonia said...

Its cold here too!! I like the pile of blankets and I have a bed warmer aka My husband!! lol
We had bad winds like that the other night and had to tie down the porch swing it was swinging to close to the window..
I have no right to complain about Kyle being laid off for this small amount of time. It could easily be a year for us like it has been for you guys.. But hopefully it wont and we can get on with the business of living...
Stay Warm!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if the wind were blowing through my house making it 54, I wouldn't come out of my electric blanket. That is too darn cold!! You need a electric heater maybe?? Hopefully your new heavier plastic will be just the ticket you need! Love your header photo! It's real pretty! How did the animals make it through the night. Do they have a barn? Stay warm if you can!!!...debbie

Kelle said...

That horrible! Okay 54F is doable, our morning temps are typically in the range if 48F to 55F. I sure makes it hard to want to climb out of a warm and toasty bed doesn't it? The toliet seat is just rude in the mornings, LOL!

What you need is a genuine feather tick. We got one because I like to be toasty but don't like the weight of all the blankets. We have our top sheet, a thin comforter and the feather tick and I stay snug as a ...., LOL!

Praying the winds die down so you can rewrap your house and get back to a warmer version.

Feral Female said...

It`s been cold here as well and windy too. I could have sworn I saw a banty hen blow by yesterday! =)

small farm girl said...

Granny...You can send some of that heat this way if you want.
Tonia....Hubby is like sleeping with a stove,until he steals all of the blankets. lol
Debbie...The animals are fine. They do have a barn to get into, but they would rather go down in the hollow where the wind doesn't blow.
Kelle...It has been around 48 in here before. And yes, the toilet seat is rude. lol. Looks like I'm going to have to get me one of those feather ticks.

Thanks guys for the comments