Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monday, Uh, Tuesday Rambings

Instead of a nice picture of my garden full of vegetables, I have to post a picture of my pond.  Mainly because there are no vegetables in my garden.....yet.  We have been having a hard time getting the plants in the ground.  We have them, they are nice a big, but, we just haven't put them in the dirt.

One of the reasons is I found out that this blood pressure medication that they have me on makes me sick to be outside in the sun for too long.  I'm not talking just a little bit, I'm talking SICK!  I burn just looking at the sunshine now.  Not fun....   Hubby has either been working or has been laid up with back problems.  I'm telling you folks, it's not fun getting old.  I think we have decided that we are going to put in the garden when the sun goes down. We still have time.  I think I'm going to have to become a vampire. 

Anyway, I have been sitting in the shade for a few days (I still get a sun burn if I'm not careful)  watching the "teenage" chickens.  These things grow up real fast.  I'm thinking of introducing them to the big chickens tonight.  They have become a small nuisance around here.  The are eating my flowers and herbs, pooping on my chair and table, and our one rooster that came with the bunch has decided that his only job in live, is to torment Skeeter.  Skeeter is not  amused.  It's kind of funny watching these chickens though.  They think they have to run everywhere they go.  They can't just slowly walk.  It's all go or no go.  They can be standing in one spot after they ran there from across the yard, and just fall down, asleep.  Entertainment right there folks!!!  Why would anyone want to go to the movies when they can watch these chickens?

Speaking of entertainment, this past Saturday Hubby and I, along with my mom, dad, sister, BIL, and of course my little niece, went to a get together at an old mom and pop store just down the road a bit.  They had bluegrass music being played by some of the locals, my dad being one of them.  It was a nice time for all.  There were hot dogs and potluck to eat. As we were eating, we sat on a blanket under a nice shade tree.  There was a slight breeze blowing and it felt like heaven.  It was right them and there I decided I was going to get some trees planted in our yard.  We built our new house in the middle of a  pasture field, so there wasn't any trees.  Everyone needs a good shade tree to sit under!!!! So as I am making my map of our farm, (I'm still drawing it up)  I'm going to figure out where to put some good old fashion shade trees. I think somewhere close to where I want to sit for the rest of my life. :-) 

That's all I have for now.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, shade tree lover.

Copywrite May, 2014


Susan said...

Given your new 'sensitivity' you should plant a forest! That's a pain - literally, I'm sure - that you can't be out in the sun. There are some good things about planting at dusk - it's cooler, the plants won't wilt. The chickens are roosting...

small farm girl said...

Susan I would LOVE to plant a forest!!! Lol! I love trees! One of the reasons I moved to KY. And yes, planting at dusk won't be that bad. :-)

Kellie from Indiana said...

Sorry bout your medication. I agree about a shade tree. I have adirondack chairs where I want to sit in the sun, and a rocking bench with seat cushion and pillows where I sit (or nap) in the shade. The difference in temps are worth it. And I can easily spend all day outside. What Id love is a covered deck or something similar so I can be outside and read when it rains.