Saturday, May 24, 2014

Back In My Day.....Fishing

One of the first stories that my Dad and uncle told me about was when they went fishing.  They couldn't afford the fancy fishing rods and reels that we have today, so they would get some line,a hook, and an old bolt or nut for the sinker.  Then they would stick it in their pockets and go to the creek.  Once they got down to the creek, they would look for a nice straight, but durable stick.  They would take the string and wrap it around the end of the stick.  Instant fishing pole!  They told me that they could stay fish for hours.  (Maybe THAT'S where I get it!) They said using the stick this way would give them the freedom, after they were done, to just wind up the string around the end of the stick, break the end off, and then stick it back in their pocket.  No big fishing pole to carry back.  You have to realize they walked a far piece to get to the fishing hole.

 The way I understood their story, they would walk to an old covered bridge and fish under it.  It kept the hot sun off them.  They said they could remember crossing it sometimes and there would be boards missing from the bottom of it.  They had to step over the holes.  Talk about scary!  I know this bridge and it's really far above the water.  One wrong step and they could have been in for a long drop.  Under this bridge was a popular spot to fish and still is, to this day.  Dad said one time they went to go fishing there and came upon some fishing poles and tackle that some ole drunks had left behind.  They had left beer bottles and such also.   That day they thought they had hit the  jack pot.

Another thing that stuck out in my mind, when they were telling their fishing stories, was about a neighbor that they had.  They said they remembered him always having a big plug tobacco in his cheek.  He would talk to you and lean off to the side and spit.  The boys would go to him when they didn't have time to dig for worms to fish with.  They said he would stick two rods, that were attached to electric, into the ground.  After a few minutes, worms would come to the surface.  They would pick them up, put them in a can, and then go fishing.  Now THAT would have been some trick!

That's just part of the stories that they told me about them fishing.  It's hard to remember things when your writing and listening at the same time.  Hopefully I'll be able to get a recorder soon.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, recorder.

Copywrite May, 2014


SciFi Chick said...

How cool is that?!! I'll bet they are going to tell you all sorts of things you never knew before. I love that you are getting to hear their stories.

angela said...

They really did have some adventures. What a great story

Catherine said...

Strip the end off an extension cord, wrap the bare wires around two screwdrivers, insert the screwdrivers into the ground (preferably damp ground), plug the other end of the cord in and watch 'em go! Used to do this when I was a little California, of all places.

Love the stories!

small farm girl said...

Sci, I'm learning a lot! Lol

small farm girl said...

Oh, they are just getting started!!!!!!

small farm girl said...

Why doesn't it suprise me that you know this? Lol

Sandy said...


I love listening to the old stories from family. As kids we would fish like this ourselves. It never really cost us a thing when using branches.

Bob from Athens said...

Worming like that goes back almost as far as there was some sort of electrical device around to use. You could even use the generator in old cars, don't know about todays couputerized things. Learned real quick that you had to turn off the juice BEFORE you started collecting worms.