Sunday, January 24, 2010

Singing In The Rain

It's raining here. Imagine that! This week seems like everyone has had rain. Bunches and bunches of rain. Mom and Dad's creek has swollen so they couldn't get out this afternoon. They have to cross a small creek to get out onto the public road. It's such a small creek that I can drive my compact car through it. Not now. It is really rolling.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are getting flooded. The rain has done some damage to properties and such. But, since it is a warmish rain, has anyone just took the time and just enjoyed it? Have you stood out in the rain and not worried about your hair getting messed up or your clothes getting wet. Have you just been in the moment and enjoyed the feel of the rain as it hit the top of your head and ran down your scalp? What about the sound of it hitting your coat? Is it a soft sound hitting a wool coat? Or, is it a "splat" as it hits a raincoat? Have you tilted your head back so that it would rain on your face? The feel of it hitting your eye lashes? Oh, and don't forget about the smell. Is there a better smell than the smell of a cleansing rain? I think not. (Unless it's the smell of a good clean barn.)

I'm not saying that this rain hasn't caused us some problems with all the mud and such, but take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. The simple things are always the best things.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, rain dancer.


Anonymous said...

I had a thought today and thought I'd run it by you. When they put on our new vanity top they'll just take the old one and pitch it. Was wondering if you'd like it? It is off white, 18 years old, few hardly visible scratches, 51 inches with a 4 inch splash back and an oval sink. If you want I can send you a photo. If your interested, let me know and I'll keep it.

Today I was out in the rain. Went to Rite Aid and I did walk slow and I did have some rain run down my head and hair. lol Then when I was getting to wet, I ran to the store. I do stay out in the rain in the summer, with my grandkids. They think it's a lot of fun. me too....debbie

Kathryn said...

Rain! We've had almost 5 feet of snow! LOL

I think we are a way from having rain again. Enjoy! :)

Feral Female said...

Well I know my geese have been enjoying the deluge we`re having! As for me, not so much...I now have standing water on top of ice. Call me Nancy Karrigan! =)

Russell Kofoed said...

We've been having rain instead of snow here too. (N. Idaho) It's alright, but I'd rather it was 15 degrees and sunny than 40 degrees and raining. But that aside, I love your point. There is nothing like standing out in a warm rain. Or just accepting whatever weather and rejoicing in it.

Sarah said...

the other night in Texas, it was cool enough to sleep without the truck running, and there was a storm coming in just south of us. I layed away listening to the thunder drawing near, and then the patter of a soft rain on the roof of the truck. There is no better lullaby.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

We had a day of rain here on Friday, but I missed it as we were still on vacation. We came back over the weekend to 22 degrees, but no snow! We had terrible wind yesterday! Will winter ever be over? And you're right! Enjoy the simple things, but I think I could enjoy rain more on a warm summer day! lol

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great post! I've never given much thought to enjoying the rain, though I do enjoy it living in New Mexico. We only get rain during the monsoon season which is late summer. So rain is sure a rare and wonderful blessing here. I do like to take walks in a summer rain. And I love the smell of how fresh it smells afterwards with the scents of pinon, juniper and wet sage. Mmmmm.

When we lived in South Carolina I disliked the rain so much because it was already humid and hot beforehand and the rain did nothing to cool anything off. In fact it felt like a wet swamp instead.

And when we lived in Maryland I never like the rain either because we lived in a very populated area and was close to the city, so after it rained everything stunk like pollution, dirt, car exhaust, and just plain funkiness. lol!

Thanks for a great post. Got me thinking.