Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Am Back!

Yes, I am back. Do not send out the cavalry. I am still alive and kicking. We have just been busy. Which is good. Let me try to update you on what has happened around here.

The weather has finally broke to warmer temps. Which is good, we had two more calves being born. We think one is a bull, and the other is a heifer. We are not 100% sure because we leave the mommies alone with them for a few days. They get kind of grumpy when we try to get close to their new baby. We got to watch one of them being born. Three minutes flat! Now that's pushing! The other one just showed up one morning. We keep the bull in with the cows. We found that we lose less breeding opportunities that way. We have lost less babies from weather than from the cow just not coming into heat when the bull was with her.

We also have been working on the house. Hubby is in the process of wiring it. Almost done with the electric. I had to figure out were all the appliances and lights were going to go. That was fun. I could imagine how everything was going to look. I can hardly wait!

Another thing that we have decided to do is downsize our "herd" of chickens. (I know it's suppose to be a flock, but I like "herd of chickens" better.) We have 26 now. Way to many. We could sell the eggs and all, but we would never get our money back, let alone make some. So we decided to just keep about 6 hens and a rooster. Just enough for us. And if we do have extra, GIVE the eggs away to family and friends. It doesn't pay to have a bunch of chickens through out the winter. We are getting eggs, but not like if it was warmer. I don't think they like the cold weather. lol.

Oh, and talking about cold weather, has anyone seen the news about the lizards in Florida. The news said that these lizards, about the size of a small iguana, were falling out of the trees because they were cold. Once their body temperature got below forty degrees, they would become paralyzed and just fall out of the trees. They showed this little girl picking them up and putting them in boxes and bringing them into the house. Then, they would get warm and jump out of the box and go running around the house. My dad, being the cleaver man that he is, said,"Looks like they have a reptile dysfunction." I about died laughing at him.

Hopefully things will get back on track around here and I can start getting my normal things done.

So until next time......

Small Farm Girl, back in the saddle.


Faith said...


Yeah, I heard about the Florida lizards. Must have been quite a sight. "THUMP!"


SciFiChick said...

lmao @ reptile dysfunction! Glad your back!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Your dad is a stitch! I don't know a thing about cows/bulls, but when I raised horses, I just let the stallion run with the mares. Eveyone was happier then and the herd just seemed healthier. C

Feral Female said...

Welcome back SFG, We missed ya! Your dad is a hoot!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Reptile dysfunction!!! *snort*! Your Dad is so cool!
Sounds like you've been busy and there's lots going on there. How cool that you're hubby's an electrician, too. That's a useful skil, especially with what you're doing with the house.

I hear ya on the chickens. We've got 20, and they have slowed down laying. Only getting about 4-5 eggs a day, even with the light on in their house 24/7 for warmth and light. But many of them are over 2 yrs old and are slowing down because of their age. We've also lost a couple from sickness and weakness from molting. So I don't want to get rid of any of ours, especially not the younger pullets who are the ones laying regularly now.

Glad you're back to posting again.


Russell Kofoed said...

We have the same thoughts about the chicken "herd" paying its way. We get about 15 eggs from 35 chickens. We are able to sell the extras for $2-3/doz. Funny about the reptile dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

I live in Florida and those reptiles, the lizards are Iguana's. They are not native and are a big problem in South Florida. They are purchased at pets stores and then people release them. They have caused lots of problems not being native. The reason they are dropping at low temps is because they belong further south of the equator not in Florida.

We are also thinning out our flock of chickens. Giving a couple of hens and a rooster to people who will take good care and appreciate the fresh eggs.

Anonymous said...

I read about those things falling out of the trees on the internet. They had pictures of them. They looked somthing like an Igwana (sp?)
That would be gross having those things falling all over the place. yikes! Your calves sure are cute. Getting the electric is exciting! Has he plumbed it yet? Dry wall will be coming soon!! Hurray! Bet you can't wait!!...debbie

baby sis (soni- in case you didn't know) said...

hahaha,, dad is so funny! Only he could come up with that,, lol glad to hear about the baby cows. i always have to come on here to see how your doing, when i ask mom she just says good.. well talk to u soon

small farm girl said...

Guys thanks for the comments. Yes, my dad has a since of humor. Sometimes you can just shake you head. lol.
C..I bet you had a lot of colts running around.
Russel...I get around 2.50 for my eggs. But, that doesn't pay for feed.
Barbara...Those Iguanas would be a pain in the...
Debbie..The plumbing isn't done yet, but that will be real soon. And yes, I can't wait.

Once again, thanks for the comments.

Wimberly Farms said...

I love the cow pics! Your dad is great!