Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hubby Has Left Me For A Man.

Okay now that I have your attention........, he went up to Columbus to help my cousin work on his house. But, it makes for a good conversation starter. lol. He will be gone until Friday night or Saturday morning. So I'm here alone. I miss him. Although it's nice to watch whatever I want on TV. I miss him. Although it nice to fix whatever I want for dinner.(even Chinese,he hates Chinese food.)I miss him. Although it's nice to be able to spread out in the bed. I miss him? Okay,okay....yes,yes, I miss him.

I miss him getting wood in for the stove. I miss him feeding the chickens in the morning before I go to work. I miss his furnace like heat in the bed. (Although an electric blanket works good to.) It's nice to have him here to tell about little things. Things that are not important enough to pick up the phone and call him. Although, it is nice to be able to use the computer anytime I want and not worry about sharing. lol.

But if anyone tells him that I miss him, I will deny,deny,deny. lol.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, TV remote holder.



LOL - I can totally relate! I Love Love Love my honey, and hate it when he's gone...what are they thinking inconveniencing us like that! ;)

Anonymous said...

LOL I have a gay brother so you reeealy got me with your title. (LoL) I know what you mean about missing your hubby even though some things are nice that you get to do while their gone--like eat chinese food. lol My daughters and I went to a ladies retreat last Sept. and man oh man did we miss my hubby! I was SO happy to be back in his arms.

Anonymous said...

Oh No, I was afraid to click on your link thinking you had a Broke Back Mountain story for us. Okay, I know that was bad but, that is what I was thinking. I am glad that you were only trying to get our attention. I also cannot stand it when my husband is away. Like the rest of you it is at that time I enjoy some chinese food.

Faith said...

Wow, your site looks great!

Here's to your Man coming home very quickly and safely and you getting to snuggle up together again. :o)

Reminds me of a song... Bluer Than Blue


Jim Fisher said...

My guess is your husband will miss you even more and never admit it. That's part of our husbandly job acting tough.

Feral Female said...

Okay, I`ll admit it...your header made me go 'Say-what-zits-now?!'.

I can toe-tally relate. I love my other dearly but it is nice to feel the remote in your hand for a bit isn`t it? =)

Anonymous said...

When I saw your header, I thought of our friend who lost his wife to another woman, and I thought, "how awful for you." am glad he is just out of town. I don't mind when Bob is out of town. I do great until about 9 pm, then I miss him. I usually sleep on the couch when he's gone. I feel safer out there. is nice to be able to watch what YOU want too. I think the best thing to do is have the remote every other night. That would be fair...debbie

Andora said...

I love the new back is beautiful..I can relate to the missing the hubby..but sometimes a little me time is good...hope he is back real cold to sleep

~Tonia said...

Lol I understand you miss them But..... When he is gone I am always happy to see him come home!

SciFiChick said...

LOL You crack me up!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

yes, when my hubby is gone, I miss all the little things that he has done. Since I have been sick the last 2 weeks, he has done morning chores - which is just feeding dogs and cats, bringing in some wood, and checking to make sure 2 outside water tanks are thawed. I will really miss that when he makes me start to do chores at -5.

Nezzy said...

Well it got this old Ozarks farm chicks attention! Hubby does a lot around there. Hubby goes to work and I do the outside stuff. I can't remember the last time Hubs touched a stick of firewood. It hurts out there today at -7 and -20 wind chill. Heeeheeh! I just have to laugh....weatherman says our temps will start droppin' around three this afternoon. DROP, like it's not cold now!

Have a great day and may God bless it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

LOL! What a crazy title! YOu don't think he'll mind it much, do you? heheh!

My husband hasn't been home but maybe 6 times in 7 months. And even then, it was only for a day, maybe two.

I like having him around, but I'm very independant, too. Growing up as an only child I do like my space. And he tends to add too much drama to our house sometimes.
I like peacefulness, no yelling, no crankiness. He's usally all of those things at least once a day. bah!

Enjoy your remote control and your time to yourself. And give hubby a hug when he gets home. :)


ps And thanks for the laugh.