Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We planted some of our garden today. We planted bush beans and corn. Notice the nice contraption Hubby came up with? It's the best thing since sliced bread. No more bending down to plant. Just take funnel and some kind of pipe or stiff hose. Put them together and there you go. One of the best inventions in the world! Anyway, as we were planting, this happened.

The chickens had escaped their pens. We kept putting it off, but it's time to clip some wings.

We got the fishing net and went chicken fishin'.

We chased and chased, and we finally caught some.

Hubby caught them and brought them to me. I got them out of the net,held the wings out, and Hubby clipped their wings. It was so funny watching them try to fly over the fence once their wings were clipped. I tried and tried to reason with them, but they just wouldn't listen. I guess I had to ground them. (get it, ground them? I slay myself sometime.)

Oh, and guess what happened after we clipped the chickens wings? It started to rain. Imagine that.

Until next time....

Small Farm Girl, Chicken wrangler

Note: No chickens were harmed in the making of this blog.Thank You.


soni said...

Luke must have not wanted you to take off his hair he looks like he wanted it back on.LOL,, he's so funny

Jennifer said...

I had to laugh about the chicken fishin. Just a couple days ago my son was talking about wanting to eat one of our chickens and he said we could get a pole with a worm, because chickens like worms and go chicken fishin. He said it would be better than fishin for fish. LOL.

Kelle said...

A true chicken wrangler would have been able to call them and them follow, LOL! *wink*
When we let our turkeys free range, sometimes they'd go down the road( 1/2 mile one day) and I'd gather up the loung whip and herd them home. One day a neighbor stepped out his front door and said" Are you Little Bo Peep herding her turkeys?"
You are way ahead of me, all we have planted are potatoes, onions, parsnip, lettuce mix and spinach.

Caribou said...

I love the funnel/planter idea!
I'm gonna try that, too!

Donna said...

Do you clip both of a chicken's wings? My mom thought it was better to only clip one.

small farm girl said...

I only clipped one wing. It keeps them off balance.