Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Hit The Jackpot!

Today me and Hubby went to put flowers on his mom's and grandma's graves. Since we were up north, we didn't get to do it on Mother's Day. We planted some really pretty red ones. They are called "Red Hot Cinnamon Candy." They smell just like the cinnamon red hots.

After we planted the flowers, we went down to check out his granny's farm just to see how things were doing. Hubby's uncle Tom told him that if there was anything in the barn that we wanted, we should get it. He was getting ready to have it torn down. It was going to fall down on its own anyway. We went in and it was like I heard angels singing in the background. There were soooooooo many old tools and goodies all scattered around. We ended up getting at least 200 tobacco sticks that we are going to use as tomato stakes. We found old picks, and old pitch forks, and old shovels. We also found an iron bed. It's really rusty, but I'm going to knock the rust off of it and paint it white. Then I'm going to set it outside, and I'm going to put herbs inside of it. It's going to be an herb bed. (Get it?)

Well anyway, we also found an old dusty corn grinder! How awesome! It still works too! (Put field corn on the list for later times.)

Tomorrow, we are going to try to finally plant the garden. Our soil just loves to hold on to it's water. Lots of clay. We'll get there though.

So for now, I'm getting ready for bed...good night.

Small Farm Girl(treasure hunter)

p.s. I'll try and put some pictures of all the stuff we found, especially the
herb bed.( Get it? herb bed?)

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Tammi said...

What a great idea for the Herb bed. lol Yes, I got it! lol