Monday, May 18, 2009

Love Is In The Air

This is Crazy Cuz. She is as close to a sister that you can get without being a sister, of course. Her dad and my dad are brothers. They both married sisters. Uh, that would be our mothers. We went to her and her soon to be hubby's shower this weekend.

When I say crazy, I mean CRAZY!

This is her fiance, Crazy Bill. This is him striking his sexy pose.

They do look normal every once in a while. But, why would you want to? Arn't they cute?

When I had my wedding shower, my grandma gave me a present that she said was one of the most important thing that a woman could have. I passed it on to my sister at her wedding shower, and she passed it on to Crazy Cuz at hers.

A "junk drawer." Grandma emptied her "junk drawer" into a box,and gave it to me at my shower. It is just being passed down.

Then me and Hubby had to leave the shower early because HIS brother was getting married. ( If you look real close, you will notice the bride does not look happy in this picture. I think it's because she just realized how much money she spent on her wedding.)

This is my step daughter Glamor Girl. If you will notice, there is no one else on the dance floor. We gave her $7 to go up there and dance as the song "You are a Dancing Queen" played. Kids now a days. Although now, she is $7 richer.

Oh and uh.....Little Sis?

Don't think I forgot you.

Love you Lil' Sis.

So for now...

Small Farm Girl, love guru.

P.S. If you don't hear from me in a while. Lil' Sis has seen her photo on here and has come for her revenge.


Jennifer said...

LOL! That was so cute! Your Grandma is one smart woman! Who can live with out the junk drawer?!? I think if I don't clean mine out soon I'm gonna have to start another. I can barely get it to shut!

soni said...

you are on my list shiver :)big sis

Anonymous said...

ray was here