Monday, March 30, 2015

Puppies and Baby

The puppies have been keeping me busy here on the farm.  I had been able to let them outside by themselves, but now they have started roaming.  I found them out in the pasture yesterday, and today I found them out by the road.  I can't have that happening.  So, we are going to set up the dog kennel for when we can't go outside with them.  I know they won't be happy with it, but I'm going to be staying outside with them most of the times and they can run loose if I'm out there.  And boy do they like to run!!!!  Those little buggers are fast!

We took them to their first vet visit just last week.  They were 10 weeks old and Holley weighed 18.89 lbs and Chassis weighed 18.08.  They are going to be big Aussies.  They got their second shots and wormed.  They did great.  But of course they puked inside their cage when I came up the bumpy dirt road.  See! Even the puppies hate how bad our road is! lol

The pups have started to develop their personalities.  Holley is the adventurous one.  She is like the tomboy of the two.  She will be the first one in trouble, she will be the first one to jump on Jack in the mornings, and I guarantee she will be the first one in the pond.  I dread that day.......  Long haired dogs with pond scum is something I'm not looking forward too.

Chassis is more of the girly girl.  She is more laid back, she likes to snuggle, and she thinks she's pretty. lol.   Although, she can run around in the weeds like the best of them.  Jack likes her best, as of now.  He will lay on his back and let her play around his face.

 Holley uses Jack as a spring board.  She will run out of the house as fast as she can, and bounce off of him and keep on running. She will then make a big circle and come back and jump in his face.  I can see on Jacks face he is thinking, " Go away kid, your bothering me." LOL!!!  But, he's a good boy and tolerates them playing.  It seems he knows just how easy to play with them.

Another thing we've done since I've last posted, was go to my niece's first birthday party.  It's hard to believe she is one year old.  Time sure does fly.  She's still a little tiny thing but she is growing.

She likes to play Dad's guitar.

Us adults were treated to some wonderful cupcakes that were made by Gracie's Aunt.

Gracie loved her new Raggedy Ann doll.

And her new computer.

Of course, she is just excited about almost walking too. lol.  

The little ones grow up way too fast.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, baby watcher.



DFW said...

She's adorable! Why no pics of the adorable pups?

small farm girl said...

DFW, puppy pictures are on the way. They wouldn't hold still long enough to get any! Lol

Carolyn said...

Cute baby human pictures...but like DFW says....where's dem puppy pics?!?