Friday, August 23, 2013

Goings Ons

Things have been going pretty good around here.  No HUGE adventures yet.  Well, unless you call the "strange thing that hollers down in the holler" an adventure.  Phelan and family are learning the differences in living in the open spaces of Kansas and living in the foot hills of Kentucky.  There are a bunch. Different sounds and different sights.   I like that they are looking at things wide eyed like a young child.  It's opened my eyes to looking at my home in a different light also.  Things that I thought were just common place is so fascinating to them.  I forget that they don't have hills in Kansas, so our winding roads are kinda scary to them.  They are just every day to me.  It takes a different type of driving style to maneuver than just driving straight.  Winter is going to be a big difference to them too.  With them being in a holler, they wont have the wind that they had in Kansas.  The snow comes straight down, not sideways.  No huge drifts to navigate through.  And if we do have drifts, it was a BAD storm.  Plus they will realize that when it snows just a little, the roads get really slick!  Especially when you are trying to go down a hill with a curve at the bottom.   Hey, that's scary for me!  And I've been driving these roads for quite a few years now.  It's also been nice having someone around who thinks like I do. (Ok, no sarcastic remarks guys!!!!  :o)  ) We will be trading recipes and animal war stories.  I think it's gonna be nice.

Around our garden, our tomatoes are being eating by rabbits.  That's right, rabbits.  They take a bite off of a tomato and then move on to the next one.  We have been getting some tomatoes, but not enough to can so we have been going down to Hubby's dad's house and snatching some of theirs. To be truthful, they told us we can have them.  They have over 150 quarts of tomatoes canned.  They don't need anymore.  So we are taking their leftovers.  Same thing with the green beans.  They have a lot of them coming on and they already have enough of them canned.  And since our beans were wiped out by the rascally rabbits, we don't have any of those either.  Next year we will be investing in some chicken wire to go around the garden.  That, or we are letting hunting beagles loose in our in there.  :0)

The goats have been let into the big pasture.  I'm going to write a whole other post on them.  Let's just say they are.....well, goats.  LOL!

I'll leave you all now with that little snippet of what has been going on around here.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,  eyes wide open.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

I have never had rabbits eat tomatoes, mostly mice and once a long time ago land turtles were eating them. The turtles got so fat that they couldn't get back in the shell very good. I even caught one in a ground hog trap, didn't hurt it of course. It would be nice if something would eat a whole tomato rather than ruining so many.

Sandy said...

You have rabbits eating at your tomatoes, we had squirrels. Damn things!!! I find scaring them off with the BB gun works well. Glad to hear your new neighbors are finally in Kentucky and setting up house. I can only imagine the two of you together, double trouble, lol. Have a great evening!