Monday, August 19, 2013

Family Reunion 2013 (Picture Heavy of Family)

This post has a lot of pictures of my family and friends.  Just wanted to warn ya, you'll probably not know these people.  So if ya want, you can skip this post.  I'll understand. hehehehe

Our family is large.  I mean VERY large.  My dad's parents had 12 kids.  Well, they all had kids and their kids had kids, and so on.....But when we all get together, we have fun.  We all usually get along, which is rare in a family this big.  To make it even better, they're very musically inclined.  So of course we have to get our music on whenever we get together.

                This is my dad.  He usually plays the bass or banjo.  And of course, they all sing.

                                           My cousin.  Great drummer!!!!

                                        This is my uncle and his boy. They were really getting into it. lol

This is Dale.  He's a close friend of the family.  I consider him one of the best guitar players out there.  He sings really good too.

                                         My cousin and my aunt. She's a good singer too!

                                         And of course, like most families, we have our nuts......

But, we also have our normal looking people too.  (Notice I said "normal looking"?  There is nothing "normal" about my family. lol ) This is my uncle.

                                          My lovely aunt again.

                                          And like every family, we have the babies.

 And the pretty girls....... She didn't want her picture taken.  I told her I wouldn't show it to anyone, so don't look.

 We have our games that we enjoy too.  We have the egg toss and the water balloon toss.  This is our corn hole tournament.  Very competitive.

So that's one of our summer traditions.  We travel 3 hrs to get to the reunion, but it's worth seeing all my family again.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,  blessed.

P.S.  As you can tell, I found the charger to my camera.  That means I'll have pictures on here now.  YaY!!!!!!!!!


Sandy said...

Family reunions are fun. Boy do you ever have a talented people in your family! Thank you for sharing your family pictures.

small farm girl said...

Sandy...We do have fun at our reunions. And, we always come up with a reason to dance!!! lol

Felinae said...

What a great looking family, and it looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for sharing your reunion with us.


Sunnybrook Farm said...

They would fit in around here, we haven't had a reunion in awhile as the old ones are dying off. Uh oh I will be one of the old ones soon.

Henny Penny said...

Love this post and the pictures. I've always wished someone in our family had some musical talent! You have good looking family!

small farm girl said...

Felinae.... Why thank you for your complement! I think they got their good looks from me. :0)

Sunny...I understand about being the old ones. We were just talking about what would happen if all the "older ones" died off. Would their still be a reunion?

Henny Penny....Come on over to my family! We usually have a LOT of people who aren't related to us at our reunions. They just come for the fun!!! We had an older gentleman there this time. He just rode up on his power chair. He was 99 yrs old, but he enjoyed the show! lol