Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Project Healthy Homestead

I want to say right off the bat, don't EVER worry about this becoming a "health" blog. It's what's really going on in my life right now so I'm blogging about it. lol. Plus, who wants a chubby homesteader telling you how to get healthy? NOT ME!  I will post about my progress periodically, just so you'll know how things are going. You guys have been great! Thanks for your support and words of wisdom. (and YES Sista, I would like your recipe for granola!!!!! :)  )

To start off the day, I did go for a walk. I walked to our neighbor's property. (No, not the property across the road. Give me some credit. lol) Out here that is a little bit farther than most neighbors. So, for me, it was a nice morning walk. I got a small sweat going on. Of course that could have come with dodging Lily who kept walking in front of me. She is going along just well and find by my side, when all of a sudden, "Squirrel!" She darts out in front of me, almost taking my legs out from under me. Gotta love them pups.

Anyway, as I was walking a DID notice that one of our cows is staying off to herself a bit. That probably means that she will be calving soon. That's good, we only have one little baby out there right now and she needs a playmate.

Another thing I found as I was walking is the herb Yarrow. I've been looking for this root along the roadways for a couple years now. I found some last year across the road, but when I went to get it, someone had already dug it up! Well, a guess someone else knows of it's medicinal values.  This yarrow, my friend, is on MY property. And, as soon as I can get a container ready to put it in, IT'S MINE! ALL MINE!!!!(insert evil laugh here)

I'm new at this herbal stuff, but I'm willing to learn. I heard yarrow is used for a lot of things. When I know more and am more confident about posting about it, I will.  That's my new "adventure" right now. Learning about herbs and their purposes. I met a midwife this past weekend. She was soooo interesting. I've been looking for someone like her for sometime now. She is the(in my eyes) the ultimate homesteader. She REALLY lives off of her land. She has about 250 acres that they are building a house on. And when I say they, I mean her and her husband and their 7 kids. Oh, and one on the way. Ya, she has her own work force. lol. Anyway, this lady produces at least 90 percent of the stuff that they eat. She even grows the grains for her breads and things. Yes, she's the real thing. And to make it even nicer, she only lives a short trip down the road from me. Yippy!!!!!! Anyways, she is going to be teaching me all kinds of things about herbs and natural medican. I'm really looking forward to it. Now I can have someone actually SHOW me how to use the herbs and not just read about how to do to.

Well, I've rambled enough for now.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, on a mission.


SweetLand Farm said...

Nice to have someone that knows how to live off the land nearby.
Good for you taking walks.
Will be interested in hear more about this yarrow too.

Modern Day Redneck said...

Yup, you will never read on my blog about healthy living. As much as I want too there is just something about fried catfish, fried pickles, fried mushrooms, fried okra and hush puppies that keep calling me back.

Carolyn Renee said...

For a minute there, I thought you were excited that you found a midwife because, well, because you were pregnant!

I wouldn't mind a "Healthy Eating / Exercising" series of posts. Goodness knows I really need to do the same thing, if only to keep myself accountable. (She says as she slops up the yolk from the almost finished sausage, egg & cheese sandwich on her plate).

Anonymous said...

I commend you on walking down your road with your fruebd Lilly!! and!! how nice to have such a neighbor with such vast experience! Hopefully you will become fast friends!! ...debbie

thecrazysheeplady said...

That's what you need - 6 or 7 kids! :-D

small farm girl said...

Candy C. said...

Wow, I'm so envious of all the wonderful knowledge you will gain from your neighbor! Learning how to correctly identify and use herbs is almost becoming a lost art!

granny said...

Oh wow !! Im so excited for you !!!! I learn alot quicker 'hands on' too.

Razzberry Corner said...

Yeah, a midwife! Always handy to know a midwife!! When are you due??? I'm joking! :)

She sounds wonderful! It takes hard work to live off the land, and to have that many children, too! Hats off to her! Pass on your new knowledge to us, please!


Anonymous said...

it is amazing what you see and find when taking a short hike or walk the dog...i now know where the wild muscadine vines are and the wild persimmons too...the trick is beating the possums and coons to them when they are ripe. when i was 12 yrs old i spent alot of time living with my granny in missouri..she had a neighbor across from her that spent almost a year impressing me with folklore, herbal medicines, homecanning over open fire pits in the backyard and a number of other homesteading do it yourself reliance. i was truly given a gift for a lifetime by that woman and will never forget the education she provided me with by being my friend. i have lived many a year practicing all that gift provided me with and try to share the knowledge and wisdoms to all who are willing to watch, listen, and learn. you are truly blessed-now learn all that you can!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I wish I even knew what yarrow looked like so I could walk our property and look for it. I've been fighting recurrent cellulitis and infection in my left after a mosquito bite last year. I'm not trying homeopathic remedies since antibiotics aren't working and I've just successfully treated it with tea tree oil. Apparently the British have officially OK'd yarrow as a treatment for cellulitis. It treats inflamation and infection. Great find!

CrankyPuppy said...

Oops...above comment was me. I accidentally misclicked! :-)

BTW, you might consider turning off the word verification on your comments, as lots of people are reporting problems with it.