Tuesday, March 6, 2012


When I moved out here on the farm with Hubby, there was NO one around. I mean, the closest neighbor was half a mile away, more than a mile the other way. No one in front, no one in back. It was heaven. Now?  Well, let's just say we have neighbors. An older couple moved in right next door. Now, they aren't bad. They pretty well stay to themselves. Every once in a while, they will call and ask if we got something of theirs in the mail. But, that's about it. What's bad is all of their adult kids that they had to bring with them. Everyone of them moved in a trailer onto "Daddy's" land. Now don't get me wrong, trailers aren't bad. It's just I really didn't want the place to look like a trailer park.

Anyway, this morning I heard one of the cows bawling. They don't usually do this unless something is really bothering them. One of the cows had just had a baby 2 nights ago, so I was really wondering what was going on. I went to look and seen the horses running all over the place. Now, it was cool and crisp outside, so I thought maybe they were just feeling good and running around. Then I watched as they started running the momma cow and her new baby. What? Our horses don't do that. I got to looking at them again. One of those horses weren't ours!

The neighbor's (one of the "kid"neighbors) stud horse had gotten loose and broke through our fence and got in with our horses. Let me rephrase that. The BOY horse got in with our GIRL horses. And of course, which one is he the most interested in? The horse that has the best blood line. The one that IF we were going to breed her, would have been with a high bred horse. Not a non-paper, old, nasty looking, scrubby thing from down the road. Well, it may be too late now. I know there are shots that you can give to horses so that they won't conceive, but our vet told us that it is pretty rough on the horse to take that shot. So folks, we will know in a few months whether we will have any baby horses running around. Can you get horse support? lol

After we worked with our neighbor getting their stud back into it's pasture, we came home and started in on our things that we had to do today. Hubby, to feed a friend's cattle herd and I started to do dishes.(yea.) A few hours later, I got a phone call from("kid") Neighbor.

Neighbor.."Aahhh, Small Farm Girl?"
Neighbor.." Aaahh, we just drove back to check on the horses to see how they were doing. And, uh, well, uh, our three dogs followed us over there to check on the horses. And, uh, your little puppies were out in your yard and our dogs, well, uh, our dogs kinda attacked the littlest one.?
Neighbor..." I think she's okay. She ran off to your house. I figured that since she could run, she was okay. I just thought I would call and tell you so that you could check her to see if she is okay. I think she is."

At this time, I was not a happy neighbor. NOT AT ALL! I basically just hung up and went and check on the puppy. She was okay.

A little bit later, I got a phone call from "kid" neighbor to tell me that they were going back to feed their horses for the night and asked if I could hold my dog. You know, MY dog, on MY property. Once again, I am not a happy neighbor.  So I hope this won't be an on going thing. But if it is, as much as I love animals, I'm not going to have 3 pit bulls (oh, I forgot to say these dogs are pit bulls. Not that there is anything wrong with pit bulls. I've owned some myself.) attacking my dogs on my own land. I'm not going to say anything more......

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, not a Happy Neighbor.


*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

The 3 S's would be employed by me if I had something like that happen....
Neighbors who dont contain their animals on Their property is a Seriously irritating and often Costly problem that I refuse to put up with!

Kelle said...

I hate to do this because it isn't the animals fault but I concur with Tonia. Our neighbors( for the last 9 yrs) are moving to a retirement home and we're extremely worried about who will buy their place, if we had the fund we'd do it just to keep neighbor's at bay*sigh* When you have animals it always seems to get complicated with neighbors who don't understand animals, like roosters crowing all day, or cows bawling when in heat, it usually causes some tensions*sigh*

Hang in there, praying it all works out.

Rob In His Bunker said...

I do like the 3 S's. I for one would, could, and should do target practice.

You may want to ask the local LEO's about trespassing animals.

JOJO said...

Some one always has to ruin a good nieghbor hood. They must have been run off from the previous one.
Hope they settle down quick.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

I totally agree with Tonia. When we first moved here, a pack of roaming dogs attacked our dog in our yard and cut him up very badly even puncturing his lung and fracturing his sternum. I just had a pitch for to fend them off, and then they turned on ME! They eventually ran off, and we were able to call animal control who came out and took the dogs from the owner who lived about a half mile away. It was horrible. Some people just don't know the responsibility of owning animals... there is so much more than feeding them. Get yourself a good revolver, and carry it out with you. Hope this is just a one time misunderstanding, but protect yourselves. Dogs going after other dogs can easily turn on people too.

Rain said...

Oh yes-never heard of the three S's-but I sure do like it!! and sadly though sometimes it is really necessary!! ~~Rain
good luck-or good shot.....!

Modern Day Redneck said...

To heck with all that, Just stand in your front yard and shoot them while the owner watches. I did it and now the neighbor's dogs are put up with no problems.
What can I say, I warned them over and over.
This is funny, The other day I got home and saw one of the dogs out and as soon as the owner saw me he called his dog and put it in the house.
I am now known as the mean old man down the road.

Melissa E said...

Oh what a mess! I agree with the 3 S's! I am all for giving a dog a second chance cause I figure it is not their fault, they are just being dogs, it the OWNER's responsibility to control their dogs, especially if they have a tendency to be aggressive to other dogs. They need to lock THEIR dogs up if they are causing a problem! If it happens again, horses or dogs, I would call animal control and make a complaint. I hope your lady horse was not defiled by that mangy stud!

Candy C. said...

OMG what a MESS!! The 3 S's sound pretty good to me too!! If one of the neighbors' dogs were to attack any of our animals, I wouldn't hesitate for one little second!!
You should politely tell neighbor "kid" that he needs to keep HIS dogs on THEIR property, period.

Anonymous said...

you have yourself one heck of a problem...and i for sure do not envy you...here in n.e. miss. it is against the law to kill, or injure any animal that does not belong to you and it does not matter that the animal belongs to a neighbor, a stray, or a hunter, or for that matter it is your land or animals that are being attacked. our only form of defense is to wear orange to the clothesline during hunting season, never go far out from the house without a weapon of some kind, and to carry either a camera or cellphone in case you need to call the sherriff and if that is the case, you need to hope that he shows up while the crap is going on. you might check out the county/city law real good when you have some time to do so...you might find something in those old books that you can use to eliminate the problems. in some places, onlly so many folks can live on so much land...and in some places those trailer in the backyard places do not meet health inspectors standard or rules..just saying.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

True what annonymous said, check with your county clerk. I know in the county we live, you can not have more than 1 trailer per 10 acres of land. We also have a by-law, if a trailer is removed, it has to be replaced with a concrete foundation structure. A little digging, and perhaps a report to the county accessor ( After all, more structures mean higher property value = more taxes that are due to the county ) might be of benefit. I just hope they start minding their animal manners.

small farm girl said...

You guys kill me with your comments. The 3 "s" sound good! lol. When it comes to the zoneing? I know for a fact there is none about trailers. That's one of my biggest fear is that someone buys a bunch of land out here and wants to put in a big trailer park. Plus, I don't really mind these people. They aren't really that bad. Just keep your animals to your self!!!!!

Anonymous said...

trailer parks are not your real problem...people are...do your research..and be thorough...ask a lot of questions and get answers.by law you might end up without a leg to stand on, but best to know exactly what you can or cannot do and have what you find on hard copy paper and checked out as being current and up to date. with the economy being what it is today and getting worse, you best be prepared...rural areas are now being squatted on by homeless just as small towns and cities are today as well. the only other solution to you is to built better fences and that could be really costly. if you already have at least a barbed wire fence around all of your property you could post your property as being no trespassing, no hunting, fishing etc...private property and make sure this is posted in the classifieds of the local newspaper and at the courthouse. with that you might actually have a leg to stand on in case of something serious happening.

SweetLand Farm said...

That really stinks. I agree with the 3S's! That was my first thought. I hope your horse isn't bred. If she is you could make them pay the vet bills.
I do really hope things can work out for you on a more positive note.

granny said...

You should check the local regulations..maybe they cant all live in caravans (trailers)on one property in your area??!!
Dob them in !

Carol............. said...

Good Grief... that's enough to get anyone's Blood Pressure to rise!