Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh No, Not Again!

This holiday weekend was a very busy one. Me and Hubby had 3, stuff your face, dinners to attend. So not wanting to disappoint anyone, that's exactly what I did.  I stuffed my face. Three times. hehehe.

Now that Thanksgiving is over with and Christmas and New Years is just around the corner, I'm starting to think about spring. Yes, spring. We haven't even had our first snow yet! But, I'm starting to think about Spring. When will I get to start in the garden? What will I plant in the garden? Where will I plant my new fruit trees? ( I don't even know what kind of fruit trees. Oh wait, something else to think about!)  What am I going to plant in my herb garden?(I have decided to put my herbs in raised beds this year. Beds that I haven't even made yet. Great, something else to think about.) I'm getting the spring bug. The spring bug at the beginning of WINTER!!!!

I know I am pumping myself up for a big let down. I will never get everything done that I have planned for this spring. It will be too wet, or too cold, or too dry, or too hot. There is always be an excuse for me not to get everything done. And then, I'll be disappointed and feel like a lazy bum. lol.

 I'm going to have to reign myself in. Maybe start smaller. Something like moving the garden closer to the new house this year. I think I can do that. (Well, I can supervise while Hubby does it with the tractor. hehehe) Or maybe I'll plant one or two trees. I think I can do that. I've got all winter to think about what I want to do when warmer weather gets here. Now, if only my body will agree with me when it's time to actually DO it this spring.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, big dreamer.


simply_complicated said...

i'd suggest making a wishlist of _everything_ you want to do/have/get. Then, take about 5-10% of that list, and make that your 'for this spring' list.... and plan it that way. keep the original list to keep adding to, and you can always take an extra thing off it if you get everything on the 'this year' list done early :) less chance of putting it off if there's only two or things that you specifically want to get done :)
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh! planning is part of the fun. Get a piece of paper and draw out the garden in a bunch of different spots, put in the goat pen, horse pens, cow pens, roads, house,...just everything and make it a 100 different ways, then by spring you'll have made up your mind!! ...debbie

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Its never too early to start planning! Have fun with it! Do some sketches, flip through seed catalog's. I also have winters of high expectations and only end up getting 10percent of it done in the spring, but love every minute of it. Its your place, your land, your time... nothing to ever regret. Hope winter treats you kindly this year!

Melissa E said...

Oh, I get the Spring bug pretty early in the winter too! No harm in dreaming and planning!

Feral Female said...

Agreed, you may as well dream of spring! It`ll help get you through the long, long months ahead.

Grandpa said...

You'll have to do more walking now after all those eating!

Good luck with the planting - you can do it!

Nancy said...

Oh, it's going to be a looooong winter if you are already dreaming of spring-time activities! haha! Just wait until the nursery catalogs start coming. Then you'll really be bitten by the bug. :)

Denise said...

We actually got new seed catalogs last week. Dreaming of spring!

Hopeful said...

dreams are good! dream big, dream lots!

Kelle said...

Oh my all that food, it makes me full to think about it*wink* I admit I over did it on Thanksgiving, to the point I didn't even have dessert, LOL!!!!

I love to plan, but it's still a bit early for us, so we'll wait until beginning of Feb. to start ours and by early March we'll be planting our seeds and watching them grow*wink*

You can plan small and grow as you find the time, that way you won't be to overwhelmed. It works for me, what else can I say*wink*, LOL!!!


Faith said...

Vernon Barnes and son nursery has great deals on bare root fruit trees. You can begin your orchard with 10 trees for only 75 bucks.

(931)668-8576 will get you a catalog on the mail. They don't have a web site.

I'm excited about spring as well. We've worked so hard to be ready this coming year. We are taking advantage of the cool weather to get the work done in preparation. We are really looking forward to it!

Can't wait to see what you do!


thecrazysheeplady said...

I am right there with you, big dreamer. Sigh.

Nezzy said...

Yep, I make no bones about disliking winter and all the uck that come with it! I'm plannin' for spring too baby!!!

A girl's got to have a plan ya know???

God bless and enjoy your day sweetie!!!

Russell Kofoed said...

I'm already getting seed catalogs.

Peacemom said...

Just got my High Mowing Seeds catalog. I've put it in a safe place, away from kiddo's hands, up high on a shelf...I always start to plan the garden in January, it gets me looking forward to the promises spring has to offer. I will make a fire in the fireplace (usually I choose a snowy day!) with a steaming cup of tea and some sticky strips and mark all pages I want something ends up being almost every page. Then I narrow my choices down to reality, cause you have to at some point, right? It's a long affair, this planning...What else can a girl do in a LONG New England winter? Have fun!! ~Vonnie (peacemom)