Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Goats,Horses,and Cows, Oh My!

Hi everyone! I bet you thought I fell off of the face of the Earth. Nope, still here. We are just extremely busy!!!!The last time I posted on here, I was telling you about the new goat we were given. Well, she didn't work out. She was extremely mean to our two younger ones. Plus, with us just having a small place for them to get in out of the weather, she wouldn't let them in. They were sleeping outside in the rain. I wasn't going to have that. So we ended up giving her to Hubby's dad. He seemed like he was happy about that. I think he missed seeing goats in his field since we FINALLY brought our goats home. Yea!!!! Now you guys will be bombarded with cute little goat pictures. hehehehehe.

They seem to be really happy here. But, getting them here was another story. lol. It took 5 of us to corner and tackle the poor little things. They hadn't been touched since they were bought. That was back in May. They were wild as bucks. hehehe. Once they got here though, they are starting to come around. They aren't scared of us now.

Now to the cows....They are starting to have their babies. Yes, I know that it is late in the year for calves, but, we keep our bull in with the cows. We seem to lose less breeding opportunities that way.  We have such good momma cows, they take really go care of the babies. Plus, the babies are born already wearing their winter coats. lol.

Now to the horse....We had to give away one of our horses. Scout, the young one. He had developed a bad habit of chasing the cows. I don't mean pushing them out of his way. I mean he would run one until it couldn't run anymore. Then when we started getting babies, he started running them. We are NOT going to put up with that. We didn't have a place to separate him from the cattle, so we decided to give him to someone who would love him and take good care of him. Plus, now he will get more of a chance to be ridden. We just don't ride as much as we use to. We hated to get rid of him, but we think it's for the best.

Oh, and for all of you who keep asking for pictures of the house, here is some before and after pictures of the bed room. Before.....


(Don't ask me why the pictures are not all in the center. I have no idea.)

Not much to work with here, but it is home. I am happy. More pictures to come! Especially now that I found my camera cord. hehehehehe.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, homemaker


Nancy said...

I've had to do lots of rearranging when it comes to our birds. Every evening, it's trying to figure out who gets along with who. Just part of the deal.

Love what you are doing with your home. The bedroom is looking great. Reminds me of our remodeling adventures. Great work!

Kelle said...

Glad you got rid of the nasty goat, I can't stand for any animals to be that way with others.

Sorry about Scout, that is a sigh that he'll be a good cown horse, for someone. I understand your not wanting to keep him and end up hurting the calves, cows or even himeself running them about.

I bet you are enjoying your new house, even if it isn't finished, it's new and air tight!*wink* No more wrapping the house with plastic, LOL!!!!

Take care and thank for the pictures, we'll be watching for more. :o)

Melodie said...

No room for bullies and that goes for animals too! Looking forward to those goatie pictures...I never can see too many of those,lol!

Anonymous said...

So long Bully goat! good ridience!
Poor little guys, having to sleep out in the rain. And the cows were being molested by the horse! Sounds like you have everything under control now. Good! Bedroom looks like it's coming along real well! and you'll be WARM this winter!! That's the best thing!! ...debbie (glad yer back)

~Tonia said...

I agree glad the goat went back and couldnt bully anymore.. I have had a few hit the road because of their bullying.. Glad it didnt bother thenmuch more.. Because goats and rain Rarely mix well. A little treat or grain helps make them friendly again. And the horse Omgoodness!
Bedroom looks great!

Melissa E said...

Congrats on the progress of the house! Sorry about the goats and the horse, that is a bummer. I cant wait to see more pictures and pictures of those cutie pie goats!

Teri said...

There is always one bully in the croud! Mine is my big fat ram! At 275 lbs ... I guess he can do what he wants.
I think you and I have the same designer LoL ... my house looks just like yours. All except the bedroom (only room that is painted).
It is so much work and on top of animals ... sometimes I want to pack it all up and get an R.V.!
Have a great week.
p.s. I saw the cutest goats where w got the new girls... I'll try to post them this week.

goatmilker said...

So glad your house is coming along nicely. I understand the bully thing. We have a mama cow in the pasture with my animals who likes to try and take all the grain. I will be so glad when she can go back with the other cows. Have a good night. Rebekah

Grandpa said...

Yes, you were gone for a whole week - I thought to a warmer place for holiday somewhere!

Things are working out for you on the animal front, except for scout and the bully of, course, but they may be happier in their new homes.

I have a tough time arranging photos too!

Wanna try a quiz? Pop over to my site!

Feral Female said...

Glad you got rid of the bully goat as well! Good luck with calving! And the house looks very nice!

Sarawolf said...

Things sure are popping at your place. Glad things worked out and found places for the goat and the horse
And I bet it is so nice to have that room as far done as it is.

Hopeful said...

hey, you provided well for the animals, even though the got another home! your horse thought he was a herding, dog, huh? the work on the house looks good!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like lots of changes. Nasty goats are no fun. And sounds like she will be much happier at hubby's Dad's anyway. Sounds like Scout needs to find a new job...maybe team penning or cutting? He would be a natural!

I'm glad you're doing well and are happy :)