Monday, September 13, 2010

What To Do

Hey everyone! How's the weather where you are? It's wonderful here! Sunny, no humidity, and in the mid 70's. Talk about perfect.

Hubby has a job interview tomorrow. If everything goes right, he will have a really great job! Here's crossing my If he gets this job our financial standings will improve tremendously. Hubby even told me that if he gets this job, I can quit mine and be a full time homesteader. The question is, do I want to quit my job. I know, he hasn't gotten this job yet,but I'm a "what if" person.

Would I like being home all the time? Would I become lazy? Would I actully do the things that I keep telling myself I don't have time for? Would I miss sociallizing with people as much? Would I spend all day on the internet? lol. These are the questions that I keep asking myself. And yes, I know he hasn't gotten the job yet. :)

You might say, "Well, just work part time." I only work 3 days a week now. You can't get more part time than that. We figured out though, it cost me more to go to work than what I make. That's not good. But, I'm still wondering. Part of me wants to stay home, but another part of me says to keep working. It's just 3 days a week.

I figure I would toss that question out to you all to see what you would do. And yes, I know he hasn't gotten he job yet. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, just wondering.


Felinae said...

Hi SFG :)

I am also a "what if" person, but that's a question you will have to answer for yourself, we are all different.

I always thought that I'd like to be home all the time, but since I got laid off in July. I really miss the interaction with my co-workers and the customers. It was kind of like an escape from home for a bit. Now that I am home, I get very restless.

But then if it costs you more to go to work than what you make, it might be a good thing to be a full time homesteader. :)

Good luck and I'm sure whatever decision you make, it will be the one that is right for you. :)


Peggy said...

I say quit, if you aren't making more at working than you would staying home. It was hard for me the first month staying home as I had worked over 25 years 5 to 7 days a week. Now I am so busy with animals, yard, garden, farm in general that I could never find the time to get a job much less go there every day. LOL You will find you work more but enjoy it even more when working fulltime on the homestead

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Being a what if person myself I wrestle with this same perdicament. Stay home full time, or keep working full time from home. For me it comes down to $$. If I stop working I won't have a home so thats that.

For you, I would search deep down and see what you feel. Its not a decision to take lightly. You may come to find that being home fulltime will drive you crazy. You may also find endless possibilities and creative juices which you didn't know existed start to flow!

If I was in your place, right now I would find it hard to make any decision. If you quit now with winter coming on, you are pretty much going to be limited to the indoors for months until spring comes again. Its quite a change from being able to socialize with others then instantly being in isolation. If you wait until spring, you will have so many things that you could go outside and get done!

I really do hope your husband gets the job. Then you can sit and ponder all the virgining possibilities, and probably come up with even more fun what-if scenarios.

Sorry this was so long!

Anonymous said...

Could you take a few weeks off and see how you would like being home every day? Could you do your job from your home?

~Tonia said...

Being a stay at homeschooling mom/goat farmer is The Only job I have ever stuck with for almost 16 years now. But I dont mis the social interaction of co workers.. This way I can interact with who I like not who I have too!
The older our family gets the more we have to do.
It would probably take some adjusting but I bet you would like it. Then you can view the barn cleaning and all that as your job and not something you do when you get home after working all day or on the weekends when its time to have a little relaxation with your hubby!
Also if its costing you more to work then to say home then its not worth it at all..

Faith said...

Lists are wonderful motivators for me. I get indescribable joy from the simple act of crossing something off. lol


Kelle said...

I agree with Faith, I'm a list maker too*wink*
As you know, I am a hermit, so lack of socialization isn't a problem for me ;O) You will just have to learn how and when to socialize, lunch dates with friends, potlucks, BBQ's, shopping garage sales or thrift/ antique shops with a friend, etc.....

I think you'd like staying at home, you'd find ways to motivate yourself, I know you would*wink*
Blessing and HUGS,

Anonymous said...

I have done both staying at home with my kids and working outside the home before them. Now, I have a job I do from home 4 days a week and go into the office 1 day. My husband has been laid off since January, and we're home together all day. I do miss having more social time in my life with others, but I am NEVER bored at home. Living the life we do, with more homesteading skills and simpler lifestyles actually leads to a more active life in general. And though I love my hubby dearly, I miss having alone time, too. Funny how that works out. It's definitely something to think about. If you're just wanting the social interaction, you could always volunteer as well. Perhaps you could find something closer to home, since you're basically volunteering at your job (as you said it costs what you make to go to work). Might as well volunteer at something you'd find fulfilling.

It's a good time to think and pray on it and see what answer comes to you. And best wishes to your hubby! ~Vonnie (Peacemom), NH

small farm girl said...

Thanks guys for all your comments. It is something I will have to think about. Plus, he hasn't gotten the job yet. lol

Feral Female said...

Speaking only for myself and my family I chose to be a stay-at-home mom after Miss Yodeling was born. This was due to the fact that what I would make part-time wouldn`t cover the gas I spent driving to a job, and also that I wanted to be here for my child. Each woman has to make her own choice of course, and I`m sure the one you make-if it comes to pass-will be the right one for you SFG!

Melissa E said...

I love staying at home full-time and being a full-time homemaker/homesteader. At first it took a while to get into the groove and not find myself bored. Now I have so much going on with volunteering and doing all kinds of stuff in on our "farm" and in the community! It's a very rewarding lifestyle. I have even had the time to start brainstorming about a home business! Everyone is different, so it depends on what would work for you, but I say, go for it if you feel like it would make you happy!

Maria said...

I have never had the opportunity to NOT work outside the house. So, if someone ever told me that I could quit my job, I would do it that day - LOL!! :)

It is definitely a personal decision though!

freerangegirl said...

Good luck to your husband. I really enjoy reading your blog and wish him all the best. I dont think its a bad thing to be a what if kind of gal. I work full time because I have to and my husband is at home with the the kids and building our house. I regularly daydream about being a goat rearing stay at home mum but thats not how it turned out. But if I was the i do think I would miss the workplace. I know you have to look at what works financially but if you enjoy being at work then i would just say don't rush to give it up. Fingers crossed anyway.

Sarah said...

if it costs you more to go to work than you make, then toss the job! If you need a social outlet, you could do some volunteer work once a week or everyother week. I vote for staying home, but knowing what you do about my work situation, you can understand why I'd lean that way. :)