Friday, September 24, 2010


When you see pictures like this picture, you would assume that whoever is taking this picture would be at an airport.

Aaaaahhhhhhh,no. THIS picture, of an airliner, was taken in my front yard! This picture was taken with just a point-and-shoot camera. No special effects or nothing.It was really THAT close to the ground! What is really spooky is this airliner circled our house 3 time! 3 TIMES!!!!!In the back of my mind I was thinking about 9/11. Was it going to happen again? Not that a terrorist is plotting on blowing up MY house. I'm not THAT important. lol. We have a uranium plant,chemical plants, and many good places to bomb within a 50 mile radius from where we live.

I kept wondering, is it happening again? Is it going to happen withing a few miles from my home? Am I prepared if this is a LARGE scale attack? My logical side of my brain kept saying to the illogical side of my brain,"This is nothing. The pilot is just circling the navigational beacon that is 1 mile from our house. Maybe just practicing." The illogical side of my brain was saying,"What if?"(Maybe this is my logical side.)

I did find out later that there were tornado warnings for Columbus. I guess the airport was having this airliner circle until the storms were over. They have never done this over OUR house before, but, I guess there's a first time for everything.

Now that that excitement is over, we have been very busy around here. Butchering chickens, making apple butter, cleaning our new house so we can move into it. Yep, very busy. I'll try not to use that as an excuse to not blog. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, airplane watcher.(Thanks Sci!)


Anonymous said...

That would be a concern to me too! I would have wondered if it were in trouble and was going to crash. The Huntington Airport isn't that far away from you. That would have been my thought. Checking out your fields for a soft landing! lol How is your house coming along?? You haven't said lately. Are you finally going to get to move in before winter??!? Hope so!!...debbie

small farm girl said...

Debbie, I'm hopeing to move into the basement of he house in a few weeks! Thanks for asking.

Denise said...

We have planes flying low over our neighborhood all the time but then there is a small airport nearby and there are the crop dusters. Occasionally we get military planes going overhead as well. Sometimes they can get very low. When you can hear dishes and windows rattling that's tooo low. Will you be taking pics of your new place? Love to see it!

Anonymous said...

Hi..been a while but here I am....LOL...and we have had airlines seemingly close to the ground also..kinda scarey at times..the kids think it is awesome...LOL...and so glad hubby has a job waiting for him...and yes...get all your "round toit's" done before he has to leave LOLOL...and I remember as a kid the time in the fall for "harvesting" the chickens...but boy what a mess...but oh boy the good eating all winter...I never tired of chicken at sunday dinners...happy day to you...Ora in KY

Country at Heart said...

I live so close to an AFB that airplanes and hellies are normal to be flying low. we saw lots after 9/11 the funniest was hearing "such and such is leaving tonight" and we had seen them leave the day before! so the news was a lot of the time one day or more behind the actual action ;)

happy fall prep :)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I would be concerned, too, if that was the first time we'd seen something like that.....but alas, it's not.

We live on the flyway for the AFB and the ABQ airport, so we have helicopters, miltary aircraft and all sorts of airplanes fly directly over our house.
Often times are house walls vibrate from the helicopters, too! I've got many close-up photos of airplanes flying above our house.
We've even seen Air Force One with the president being refueled by refueling planes...yep right above our house.
We've got F-16's buzzing over doing tricks, and even weather balloons floating overhead.....spooky at night because they glow green like alien craft! lol!

And we also live about 5 miles from a small airport and our friends, who own several small aircraft will buzz around our house on the weekends, 'waving' the wings at us. lol!

Sheesh! Just typing this makes me realize just how busy the airspace is above our house. I actually had a dream not too long ago that a plane crashed in our house....(knocking on wood!)


R Dean said...

Very eerie...I'm with yah...that would have been unnerving to see, most definitely if it was not the norm around your are to see a plane flying that low, and that is a big boy too..four engines...