Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I haven't said much about my goats lately. The main reason is they aren't at my house right now. Since this summer was so hot, we kept the goats down at Hubby's dad's house. He has a bigger barn and lots of weeds that the goats love to eat. But........we have a small problem. The horses. Hubby's dad has two horses that live at his farm. They have taken up with the goats. Now in a perfect world, everything is suppose to get along. It sounds like the horses and the goats being friends is a good thing. It is! It's just....they are more like partners in crime.

You see, the goats have the run of the place. They go through fence like there is none there. Of course, barb wire really wasn't made for goats. lol. We don't care that they go through the fences. They can't hurt anything. It's actually kind of funny to look out in the backyard and see cat size balls of fur eating until their bellys look like they could pop.

Anyways, the goats have something against the neighbor's dogs. They tease,taunt,and torment them. And then when the dogs decide to chase the goats, the goats make a bee line to the horses. The horses, being 6 ft tall and not scared of dogs, take off after the dogs. They chase them out of the pasture. I swear the goats are standing behind the horses covering their little goat mouths with their little goat hooves snickering. hehhehehe

So now ask what my problem is. Have you ever tried to out run horses!? They are protective of those little boogers. lol. This could be interesting when we try to take them to our house this fall.

Now another update. I lost 5.4 lbs this week. And that is going to 3 cookouts this weekend. Maybe it was all of the running in the horse pasture. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, smaller and faster.


soni (lil sis) said...

Thats so funny sherri,, i could definately see those lil goats tormenting those dogs especially after i saw that one lil goat butt that cat right in the head... lol,, and congrats on the weight. i myself lost 3lbs. keep it up every lil bit helps. even those 3lbs my friend patti asked if i'd lost weight. I love her. She's my new best friend.. love ya sis

Melissa E said...

Haha...I got a kick out of picturing the goats hiding behind the pasture "bouncers"...er...horses! Congrats on the weight loss, knew you could do it!

Anonymous said...

HEY!!! congratulations on 5.4 lbs!! That is just great! Good job!! Especially going to 3 cookouts! Enjoyed your goat and horsey story! How cute!The little goats must be real characters!!...debbie

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! What naughty little caprines! I love the image of them hiding behind the equines, too.
I've been letting our goats out to play with Apache in the bigger paddock the last week and Apache seem to really enjoy their company. She is always trying to get close and groom them and nibble their little tails. They, of course, just run away.
The two llamas are out there with Apache, to, and they basically ignore each other until Apache gets a hankering to herd the llamas around, which follows by the llamas spitting at Apache.
Sure is funny to watch.


ps Congrats on the weight loss. Whoohooo!

Sarah said...

those devious little boogers! That has to be planned! Its just too easy!
great job on the weight loss while enjoying summer cookouts! I'm just not sure about the dooing it by running away from the horses. But hey...whatever motivation it takes to stay active I guess! lol

Melodie said...

Oh yes,if there is trouble to be made you can bet goats will be right in the middle of it! Gret job on the weight loss!

Kelle said...

Horses and goats get along well. When my folks raced horses we had a billy goat that stayed in the shedrow, it calmed the horses. Good luck getting them apart, maybe some treats for the horses to keep them occupied while catching your goats*wink*

Congrats on the weight loss! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!! I don't weigh myself( it's just me*sigh*) but I've gone from a size 22( and it was getting tight) to an size 18 and I have room to spare- YEAH!!!! Now to get this change of life stuff under control One thing I found that helped me and it certainly shouldn't hurt you is that I found a thyroid natural additive, it's is a liquid and you add three drops a day to a glass of water or juice, it's called "Thyodine"

Felinae said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

Hahaha, loved the story of the goats and horses. Too cute!

Have a good day!

Feral Female said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Yup goats can be real fire-crackers! Ours always nudge the dogs aside and just in general take no crap from them!

R Dean said...

Sounds like goat's are smarter than we may think, huh???

Anonymous said...

HA! Funny stuff! I'm familiar with goats and horses and that sounds about right. Lots of people with only one horse will get a goat for a companion for the horse.

Congrats on the 5.4! Good for you! ~Vonnie, NH