Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I had to get another computer. Now I can't figure out how everything works. Our other computer just up and died. Bam! I also (I think)lost a lot of pictures. I'm hoping a friend of ours can retrieve the pictures. Fingures crossed. Luckily, I have some pictures of the major flooding that has happend this weekend.

We got 6 inches of rain in 24 hours. I was expecting to see Noah start pairing them up two by two again. Lol. I got a lot of pictures of broken bridges and culverts that were washed out. LOTS of bridges and culverts washed out.

Hopefully now that I have a good computer again, I'll be able to blog more. Not just once a week. You guys will be tired of reading about my boring life. Lol. So once I figure out how to down load pictures on here, I'll post some of the flooding.

Oh, you ask how we paid for the computer? HUBBY GOT A JOB!!!!!! He will be going to Columbus to work for Crazy Cus' husband. He will be gone during the week, (Bed to myself!!!!!) and coming home on the weekends. Maybe even coming home once during the week. It's funny though. As soon as he got this job, 4 more people wanted him to work for them. All the other jobs though, are just temporary. Where were these jobs when we needed them?

Anyway, it seem's like things are starting to look up. I see the end of the tunnel. (Or is that another train?) Hopefully things will start falling into place now. I feel a big weight come off of my shoulders. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. It let's me know that you care. LOL

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, wife of a working husband. (Double yea!!!!)


Love Life said...

I am very happy that your husband got a job that is great news!

Denise said...

So good to hear that he got a job! Construction is a tough profession isnt it? Great when the money is flowing but when it's not- no jobs. Hope this can get you guys back on track.

granny said...

WOO-HOO !!!!
Great news,Im really happy for you :0)
You know, 99% of what we worry about...never happens !
Im looking forward to some photo's :0)

~Tonia said...

YEAH!! even though he is gone during the week.. Good luck figuring out the new PC~

Kelle said...

Triple YEAH for yout hubby's new job!!!!

I hope we'll be reading more about your life( boring or not!) and please share pictures, I have a friend in TN and they've lost their entire garden( looks like a muddy river running through it now*sigh) They are worried abotu the bees and how this will affect them too. Sad, really, really sad :o(

Take care and of course we'll be seeing you soon, right? LOL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Hubby for your new job! Am sorry you lost your old computer to what ever damaged it and hurray for your new one!! Happy once again!! I know KY had a lot more rain than we did. We didn't get near the rain you did, thank goodness!! Hope all the chicks and baby calves made it through the rain ok. ...debbie

Faith said...


So glad for you! YAY!!! :o)

Nope, won't be bored reading your blog. I'm looking forward to more of you!


Chai Chai said...

We were praying for you - great news.