Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flood Pictures

I promised you guys some pictures of the flooding around here this weekend. Here are some pictures that we took when we were out driving around during all of the rain. I know we were suppose to stay home in our dry house. But, it was too tempting and I'm too nosey. LOL

This was one of the houses that we past on our drive. See that pretty waterfall? That's that guy's bridge.

That nice little stream? That's a road.

I hope Frank has a boat.

Now this is in front of Hubby's step-sister's house. See that metal thing there? That is a huge tanker car from a train. They converted it to a culvert.(Say that 10 times.)

Here is the other side of the culvert.

Now, this is what it looked like just 1/2 hour later. Can't see it can you.

The next day we went back out just to see what the water had left. This picture was taken at the same place as the last one. Look and compare. See anything different?

You don't really realize how big it actually is until Hubby gets close to it. Told you it was huge. The water that runs through this culvert, usually is just a trickle. You can tell the water is still up some.

This is what use to be a bridge.

And, this is what use to be a road. The electric company was cutting a tree that was leaning on a line. This picture was taken in front of Hubby's Dad's house.

Now after all this rain, this is what Mother Nature left for us to admire. It was like she was saying,"Ooopps, sorry about that."

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, weather watcher.


Denise said...

It's amazing what flooding will do. We lost our house back in 96 from flooding and afterwards I found a wine glass and a plastic doll of mine that were dirty but unbroken. Weird. And yet it carried our street pavement into a field, whole big pieces...

Faith said...

lol You left off with a giggle, "oops, sorry about that". I can almost hear that.

I'm glad you were safe. That's a lot of damage. We used to lose our road once every few years, when I was a girl. It could take them months to fix it sometimes, and we'd have to drive around another way, adding miles and miles to our routes. I hope they can get this all fixed for you guys soon.


dp said...

We had 11 inches here in a 36 hour period, 8 inches on Sunday between 7:00am and 6:30pm. No flooding or problems on our homestead, but the local town had the river flow over bridges and flood a few places.

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Am sorry it caused those people so much damage. What a terrible thing. They are cut off from getting in or out! Glad to hear you were high and dry!!...debbie

Feral Female said...

Holy cow! It is amazing what water can do isn`t it? A force to be reckoned with for sure!

granny said...

Wow!!Thats alot of water!! Glad you were a-ok.
What a mess to clean up.
Mother Nature Rules :0)

Chai Chai said...

Wow, where is the news coverage?