Monday, December 15, 2014

I Was Bull Riding.......

At least that's what I'm telling everyone.  Bull riding sounds soooo much more interesting then what really happened.  What am I talking about?  Well, this incredibly clumsy woman stepped off of the porch of our old house and landed wrong.  By doing this, I sprained my ankle, bad.  Yep, I'm down for the count.

For a few days, I was on crutches.  In fact, for one day I was in a wheelchair.  The day after I sprained my ankle we went to the zoo.  My sister had gotten tickets for us in advance.  There was no way I was going to pass that up.  Plus, they had wheelchair rentals! Woooo Hoooo!  Anyway, I did find out that you can't see much when you are in a wheelchair.  Well, nothing but butts.  Lots, and lots of butts.  And on that note, I don't care how well you are built, please, PLEASE don't wear workout tights as pants. Trust me on this.  Ok, thanks.

Well, with me down for a while, we are going to have to put a few things on hold.  Getting a building for the workshops is one of the things on hold.  I don't know where this will lead us, but I'm sure everything will work out for the best.  Maybe this was a sign to slow down.  Maybe this was a sign to look into a different direction.  I don't know, but it was a big blow.  Time will only tell. One thing at a time.  And right now, I'm concentrating on getting my ankle better.

So for now,

Small Farm Girl, down for the count.


Carolyn said...

Ugh! Don't you just hate it when "stupid" things like that happen. I'd stick with the Bull Riding reason :)
Hope you recover quickly, sending healing thoughts your way!

Felinae said...

Sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

The bull riding story is a good one. :)


Becca said...

Awww. I'm sorry. If it helps you feel better, I tripped over some candle holders and bruised the hell outta my shin earlier today.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Good thinking! ;-)

Workshops sound fun!

*~*~*~*~Tonia said...

Oh Ouch!! Sometimes these are good things in disguise. It helps us take a step back and look things over.. to see if you are going in the right direction..
I agree... Those should never be wore as pants.. they leave NOTHING to the imagination..

Sandy said...


OUCH!!!! I hope the ankle heals fast. Stick with the bull riding story :-)

Miss M said...

Yep, bull riding definitely sounds better. :)

My mom sprained her ankle recently. She was bull riding. What a coincidence! The doctor told her to get a head of green cabbage, and wrap her ankle with a couple of the leaves for an hour twice a day.

We did. The pain relief and reduction in swelling was quite amazing. Apparently, there are enzymes in cabbage that combat swelling. It was even studied by a research team that ended up with some leftover research funds some while ago. One of the guys remembered his grandmother putting cabbage leaves on her arthritic knees, and he decided to do a study on her home remedy.

Some people mention freezing the leaves first. This probably would make it easier to shape them to your foot. We just tore the leaves a bit to help them fit, and then wrapped around it all with a towel.

Heal up quickly!

Frank and Fern said...

How are you doing, SFG? I pray you are well on your way to healing and recovery. I think Miss M's idea about cabbage leaves is very interesting. I'm going to have to remember that one. Hang in there!


Vera said...

Hope your ankle is healing quickly as I know how frustrating it can be to have things to do and not be able to do them. But, as you say, perhaps it is a sign from the Universe that you need to have a rest. Perhaps you could use the time to do the planning for the workshops....get the necessary written work done like leaflets, etc. Sort of keep the workshop focus and let your intuition guide you as to what you CAN do.

All the best with this. Vx

Frank and Fern said...

Merry Christmas, SFG! I pray you are back on your feet again and enjoying the blessings of the season.