Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye 2014, Hello 2015

Well, 2014 is just about over. Just a few more hours. Did I keep my resolutions?  Do I even REMEMBER my resolutions of last year?  Yes and no.  I remember that I wanted to lose weight.  I have.  Not much, but at least I'm lighter than I was last year.  Hopefully I'll keep it going. I didn't learn to make a pie crust, but I'm still going to be working on that for 2015.  Although if I learn how to make a good pie crust, I may not become lighter.  Hmmmmm.  Might have to think about that one for a while.  :0)

A big changed happened just today.  I quit my job! Might as well do it now!  Hubby and I sat down and figured out how much money I was spending and how much I was making and the spending WAY out numbered the making.  So we decided it would be better for me to stay home. (You know that just broke my heart. lol)  I'm working more on my writing anyway.  I have a few opportunities coming down the pipeline for me.  I hope they pan out.  We shall see.  I do know that I REALLY enjoy it.

Now on another topic, the last few days have felt kind of weird around the house.  I keep looking down to see if I'm going to step on Skeeter.  I still check the blankets on the couch before I sit down so I don't sit on her.   At night, I wake up thinking I hear her wining to go out.  It's just weird.  I guess when you've had an animal around for 15 years it will take a bit before I get use to not having her around.  It's kind of nice though, not having to watch where you step at night. (Skeeter got to where she would pee or poop on the floor.)  Or to have her beg to be picked up to set by you on the couch just so she can set for 2 minutes and then want back down so she can then beg to be picked up again. Ya, not gonna miss that little game.

I knew that Skeeter wasn't going to last much longer.  I was just waiting on her time.  I know that seems harsh, but it's how things are.  Everything that lives, must die also.  Anyway, I kept asking myself if I wanted another dog in the house.  I'm still asking that.  I knew I will probably bring one of the cats in the house, but do I want another dog.  And if I do, what kind?  I know it's still soon after Skeeter, but I've had a while to think of this.  Funny, I still don't know.  We shall see.......

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, Happy New Year!


Vera said...

Oh well done for taking the major step in your life of quitting your job. Lester quit his job (working as a computer programmer via internet) November 2013, which opened up so many doorways for us, both in ourselves as a couple, for moving forward with building the smallholding, and for himself and his piece of mind.

We still have Boolie, our springer spaniel, who is on his last lap. Same as you, there are things which irritate me about him, such as him insisting on being one step behind me all the time, not wanting to eat unless I sit down with him, etc..... We also have two rottweiller girls, and I have made a concentrated effort at not letting them become too attached to me in the way that I let Boolie attach himself to me when he was a puppy.

I think that dogs give a wonderful energy to the home, so holdfast for a while, but I am sure that another dog will come your way soon. But I would always have at least two dogs because they do occupy each other.

Sending blessings to you for 2015, and wishing you lots of ideas for writing!

small farm girl said...

Thanks Vera! I need all the blessings I can get! LOL! It's exciting to be able to be home again.

Tonia said...

I was sorry to see about your Skeeter.. It is tough.. We lost our Hobo in September.. It is rough. She is one we will probably always miss. And wont be easily replaced.
We have considered me getting a job when times are tough.. And it just doesn't pay for me too. With everything here that needs taken care of its just not worth it.
2014 was a crazy year for us.. looking forward to a calmer year hopefully in 2015.I have started a few things.. hoping to see them work out..
Happy New Year!