Monday, April 7, 2014


Well, the steroids are starting to wear off.  My knee isn't as bad as it was. I do feel better, but not as good as I did while taking the steroids.  Now I know why some people can get hooked on drugs.  I'm back to feeling like I don't want to do anything again.  Not really lazy, just like I don't have the energy to do anything.  I didn't realize how bad this feeling was until I took the steroids and saw how good I felt then. Now I have something to compare it with.

So now, I'm on a mission to feel better.  I'm not sure how, but I want that energy back.  I want to feel better again.  But this time, I want to do it the natural way.  I've heard it said that exercising gives you energy but what happens if you don't have the energy to exercise? lol. Don't worry, I'm not going to turn this into a "exercise blog".  I was just telling you how things were around here.  Now back to the regular scheduled programing......

We got a lot accomplished this weekend.  We moved dirt in front of our house.  It used to be sloped the wrong way so that when it rained, water would pool in front of the house.  We almost had a moat. lol.  Skeeter had to put on scuba gear just to go outside and do her business.  Buy the way, a wiener dog in a wet suit is a sight to be seen. hehehehehe.

So, me and Hubby decided we were going to start on it.  We have been putting it off for a few years now  but this year, I was wanting a nice place to sit and enjoy a morning tea and maybe do more blogging outside.  I love sitting outside and if I have a nice place on top of that?  Wow, I would be in heaven.  As soon as I get it done, I'll take pictures and show you.  I'm really proud of how it's turning out.  I just wished I had taken some before pictures.  Oh well, at least you'll be able to see the end results.

This coming weekend we plan on putting some time into the chicken coop.  The little peeps that I have in the house are gonna need a place soon and we are going to have a part of the coop just for small chicks.  I can't wait.  These things are starting to stink up the house.  Although, they are fun to watch.

I also sold all of my rabbits this weekend.  No, I'm not giving up on my rabbits.  I'm just getting younger ones.  The ones I had were getting up there in age and I'm tired of "breeding" them and not getting litters.  So, I'm starting new.  Hopefully I'll be able to find some juniors and won't have to wait too long to get them bred.  I'm needing some rabbit meat!!!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, rambler


Lynda said...

I've got Spring my energy is at an all time low...I just sit around and dream about the things I need to do around here and it just exhausts me! At some point I need to get off my butt and do the things I day-dream about!

Sandy said...


I love having a place to sit and have my coffee or tea, a nice quiet relaxing place. Hopefully, you'll have your place soon :-)

Chicks are cute when there small, and then they grow and turn into these poop machines and stink up the place. A coop would help!!!

small farm girl said...

That sounds about how if feel Lynda! :-)

small farm girl said...

Yes Sandy, I hope to have my little place done soon. And, we wshould be getting the coop done soon also.

SciFi Chick said...

I hear you on trying a whole new d messing with rabbits that would not breed, What are the odds of that happening I ask? I've started all over with all new rabbits and so far it's going well. I had two litters that the does just shot them out and they died over night. I'll take responsibility for that. I need to get mars to make me a couple of nesting boxes. I've got my first batch looking healthy and starting to try to feed. I've got another one I bred this week so by the time the first batch o' bunnies ready to be starting to eat and moved to another cage. I'm feeling really optimistic about them making it to the freezer. With the price of meat going up daily they will be a welcome addition to our diets.

small farm girl said...

Actually Sci, you gave me the idea of just starting over again. I'm glad you are having some success.

Vera said...

We kept rabbits until a couple of years ago when overnight they all caught miximatosis and died. It was heartbreaking. But we have not given up with rabbits. They are our favourite meat, so when we have time we will be breeding them again.

As for chicks in the house. Totally agree with you about the smell they produce, and they go outside as soon as they have a feather or two.

I hope you find your energy soon. Mine has been elsewhere as well, and I seem to be wanting to laze about rather than do things, which is not good when there is a smallholding to run.

The same as you, I want a place to sit outside which is tidy and has flowers. This will not happen any time soon for us unfortunately, but I hope that you can achieve a tidy space soon. Vx

Country Girl said...

We had some rabbits quite a while ago when my boys were younger. Saddly they were all killed when some wild dogs who lived on the salt marshes near us came into town, knocked down the cages at night and got to the rabbits. We have since moved and now I am considering them again but not to eat! - My husband had rabbit meat in Haiti last year and liked it. I have never had it. - Enjoy your new yard!