Monday, September 9, 2013

Busy, But Having Fun!

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've posted on here.  We've been busy helping Phelan and her family settle into their homestead.  It's nice having her here.  I'm just waiting for her to get tired of us coming down for a visit. lol.  It's fascinating watching her raise her three boys without electric and running water.  She comes to our house every once in a while to do a load of laundry.  Got to have those boys closes clean for school!!!  She has been washing their clothes in a tub with water. Then hanging them out to dry.  With them living down in a holler, there isn't much wind.  Plus, it's wet almost all the time.  Wet like a rain forest.  It's hard to hang clothes on a clothes line to dry when it's that wet.  Although last night she was telling me that she could use a good ole fashion rain storm to fill up the creek again.  They've been dipping water out of it for flushing their toilet inside the cabin.  She said it's starting to go dry.

When she comes up to wash, she'll fill up a few jugs of water so that they'll have something to drink and cook with.  We'll set outside and drink tea (unsweetened!!!) and just chat.  It's nice to have someone close to my age and someone with the same weird mentality that I do, to chat with.

We also have been looking for her and her husband a place for their motorcycle shop.  He builds and repairs motorcycles.  Which is good, because for some reason the motorcycle that we ride wasn't "running right". hehehe.  We've looked at a few places.  Some are run down, some are really nice.  Our biggest problem is finding out who owns them so we can ask about rent.  We've got a few good ones in the works though.

Me and Hubby have also been expanding the goat pasture.  We put up a gate so that they can go out with the cattle and horses.  Oh, by the way, you can't keep goats in with just a barb wire fence. hehehe.  We knew that when we let them out, we just figures with all of the food that they have to eat in the big pasture, (45 acres) they wouldn't want out to eat the small, puny grass that we mow.  WRONG!!!   I honestly think goats just KNOW where you don't want them to go and they will make it their life mission to go there.

Oh well, that's life on a farm.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, goat wrangler.


Kellie from Indiana said...

The benefits of friendship. Enjoy!

Donna said...

"I honestly think goats just KNOW where you don't want them to go and they will make it their life mission to go there."

My husband would heartily agree, which is why he threatened divorce if I EVER brought another goat on the place.