Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Scary Truth

We have been busy around here getting ready for the spring planting season. Since we have moved from our old house, we decided to move our garden spot too. We wanted a bigger garden so we can try to grow all of our food that we will need for the year.  So we have been sectioning off our yard for where we are going to put it. Nothing really exciting going on here. lol. We did plant some fruit trees. Now, if we can just keep the deer from getting them. We are finding deer prints in our yard. Our dog must be inviting them in. I know for sure he is not scaring them away.

Anyway, another thing that me and Hubby have done, is our taxes. We will not get any money to play with. We got behind on his child support (just a little) so all of the tax refund will go to that. Not that there was much to begin with. lol.

Since I am self employed as a nail tech, I didn't really know how much I made last year. So I added it all up. Minus rent for where I work.( I rent a space to do nails) Minus supplies. Minus all the other things that go along with your own business and...... I went in the hole over $500. Not good. That wasn't even counting gas,food, and clothing. Things I can't take off my taxes, but still have to buy if I'm going to work. That was a wake up call. Why am I working anyway?  I thought work was so you can get money. Not here, I guess. lol

So that got me and Hubby thinking. It would SAVE us money if I didn't keep my job. Now, before I up and quit, I'm going to get a few things done. I have to pay off our credit cards. They are not much, so that shouldn't take too long. By skimping on supplies and such, I'm going to try and get a little money ahead. I can skimp on supplies if I know that I won't have to restock. That's the second thing I'm going to do. The third thing I'm going to do is find a "social group."  The girls at work are the only people that I actually talk to that aren't my family. Wether it be I join the farmers market, or go to the extension agent meetings, or join in on church activity. Just something to where I can talk to live, breathing people. I don't want to be a total hermit. Although, there are days that I wish I were.  So I'm going to be exploring a few avenues that I can go down. But, that's what makes life exciting.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, explorer.


Jamie @ Woodside Gardens said...

So many families are finding that it makes financial sense for one to stay home. I left a very good job behind to take care of our children, once we totaled up the cost of gas, work clothes, parking fee's, childcare etc. It isn't easy for me to get out of the mindset of "not contributing", but it really was the best decision we could have made!

Cat said...

Yes, it is so much a wake up call to find out your work, it is just that, work. It's not a boon, it's not a help. It sounds like you are planning a good way to go, so you aren't gibbering away in the corner when you quit. Best of luck!


Meadowlark said...

K, i'm ready for you to start the "farmgal manicure" ... every once in a while those farm gurls want to be "purtied up" without spending too much. It's a niche... do it while you're not working!

Good luck.

SweetLand Farm said...

Big step to get done working! I've been there! I got done when we had our first child, couldn't even imagine working with the kiddos! Made since to us, been tight at times, but so worth it when I look at how fast my kiddos grow up!!
Good job looking ahead and preparing!! Can't wait to hear more about your garden and adventure of getting done work.

Melissa E said...

When I left my job as a teacher, we realized we were spending a lot of money on things we didn't need. Now we live off of one salary and buy way less and spend way less. It makes you more frugal and self-sufficient for sure. But do find something to do in the community. I am on our Farmland Protection Board and I volunteer at a local garden too. It keeps you sane! Good luck, I think you will enjoy the time you will have to start homesteading full-time!

small farm girl said...

Jamie...That's one of the things I am going to work on. The "not contributing" thought will drive me crazy. But, I have to start thinking of the farm as being my job.

Cat...Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot!

Meadowlark...LOL!! I am thinking about the farmgirl manicure! We can talk goats while I clean out from under their nails. The men can come along too. They can fish in our pond while they wait!!! LOL

SweetLand Farm...It is scary! I don't have kids so I have to keep my mind on something else. lol

Melissa E....You are right. I'm thinking about getting into something that has to do with farming. Although, they are always wanting volunteers for the handicap riding stables. Just a thought though. I wonder if they would want a petting zoo? LOL

Texan said...

It was difficult for me to think I would not be bringing in any $ as well at first. But with all I do at home, Garden and can food and cook and take care of the animals and and and and..honeyman tells me all the time you work and you contribute! We agree it saves us money for me to be home. Plus I am a hermit so I realllllllly like it!

Denise said...

My DH and I have been discussing getting some land and when we do since I make more money than he does and he wants to farm, he will quit his job and do the farming and I will earn the money. Of course I already work at home so no big deal. I meet up with friends for lunch and there is always the internet or phone to keep up with friends as well. Just keep yourself busy so you dont miss talking to others. I find talking to yourself is very therapeutic LOL ;) and I talk to the cats and chickens but they dont talk so much back to me...hmmm going to have to work on that one :)

Meadowlark said...

Look at it this way... I know farm women who didn't want to go to town for mani/pedis because they were embarrassed about how bad their hands/feet look. You can provide a service that they'll need (thought not often, but enough for what you want) with someone who understands them.

You can pay me later for my brilliance. Eggs, jam, etc all accepted. ;)

Kelle said...

Mike and I came to the same conclusion almost 22 yrs ago. It was costing us for me to work as a Cosmetologist, even with a well established client list. When our son was born and we started figuring daycare, disposable diapers( I used cloth), missing our child growing up, it simply wasn't worth it. Now staying at home has some niches, and socialization is one as well as making due with what you have, and not a lot of extras. Was/ is it worth it? My answer is TOTALLY! worth it :o)
Good luck getting CC paid off and heading down the road to staying and working at home.*wink*


Ruta said...

Kudos to you for planning ahead and best of luck to you. It's a big change but it seems well thought out.

goatmilker said...

I vote for farmers market. I started doing it last year and I love it! I can't wait for it to start again this year.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it does pay to quit your present job. You can either find a totally new venue for yourself or, just stay home and help with the garden and animals. Nothing wrong with that. I did it 3 years ago. I was tired of putting up with Real Estate, the banks, the inspectors, just everything...not worth the hassel I didn't think. Good luck in getting all your bill paid off, you'll get there!!...debbie

small farm girl said...

Texan....I AM a hermit. I just don't want to get TOO hermity. lol

Denise...I talk to the animals all the time too. I'm just afraid that one day, they will start talking back. LOL!

MeadowLark... I will have to pay you! How about a mani? lol

Kelle...I think you and I have talked about staying home before. I will miss the people though. But, not the hassle. You know exactly what I'm saying. LOL

Ruta...It IS a big change. SCARY!!!

Goatmilker...I'm thinking farmers market too. Maybe some goat cheese, or goat milk soap. Your going to have to teach me how to do all of that. ;)

Debbie...I understand! I'm soooo tired of the hassel too! State board, taxes, supplies. Thanks for the encouragement!

Deb W said...

You talked in an earlier post about mid-life crisis, well not all of those have to be negative! I found myself at that age saying about so many things, "I've always wanted to ......" Well why not DO IT! There are some thing of course that are limited by finances, but that's when i learned to spin and became passionate - like you - about homesteading, right where I was, with barely an extra nickle.....you can do it! And you'll love it.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I don't think I pegged you as a nail technician. A farm girl with dirt up to her elbows...yes. lol!
Could you open a little nail studio at home? Or travel to ladies' homes? Maybe to make some extra money, you could plan a manicure clinic at the park or in a community center every few weeks?

I stopped working when I began homeschooling because I needed to be home for my kidlets, but I discovered the same facts about how it was costing more money for me to work....even more so now, with the cost of gas. It's crazy and unfortunate, but there must be a reason.
And now you can provide for your family by growing your own food, which will be much more satisfying :)


Ohiofarmgirl said...

you cant believe how much money you save by NOT working. with all the stuff i do around here we "make saving' by doing it ourselves. our grocery bill in the summer is about $25....and i dont have to be a corporate drone - that alone is priceless.

and if you want an online community - come over to sufficientself.com there's a great group and we have a lot of fun. most of us are do it yourselfers and small farm types.