Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Thoughts

March 13 was my 38 birthday. 38 is not a significant number. It doesn't have a 5 or a 0 after it. But, this birthday has got me to thinking. If I live to see 80,(if) my life is almost half-way over. Now, I'm not one to worry about getting old, or having wrinkles, or lossing my young girlish figure,(...hahahahahahahaha, breath,breath, hahahahahahahahaha, gasp, gasp, hahahahahaha, Ok, sorry, I couldn't help myself.) I started to look and see if I wanted to live the second half of my life, like I lived my first half.  The answer.....no!  I don't want my second half to be like the first.

I looked back at the first part of  my life. What kind of life did I live? First off, I didn't really appreciate my life. I thought that it would always be there. I started to procrastinate. Things I wanted to do or needed to do, I would just do tomorrow. Well, tomorrows are limited.

Another thing that I would do was just excist. I didn't direct my life. I just let things happen. Now, I know you can only do what you can do. But, I wasn't even doing what I could do. I was just being. I had no drive. I look back at all the things that COULD have been done.

Now, I'm not living with regrets here. I realize I was blessed with many things in my life. What I am saying is, I am done procrastinating with my life. I'm going to LIVE my life. I'm not taking a trip to Paris, or going sky diving, but what I am going to do is the things I keep "putting off". Like, lose this weight to where I can move better. Forget the looking better. I don't care about that. I just want to get healthy. You never know when I might need to be physical. I couldn't do anything physical right now.

I want to really get into this homesteading.  I have found a passion. I have found something that will actually "drive" me. It is something that I can learn new things every day with. I have to stop "putting off" doing it. Get the seeds sown. Get the goat barn built. Start fixing fence. There are so many things that I want to do with our farm. If I keep doing all the things that need to be done, my weight wont be a problem much longer. lol.

I hope you don't get the feeling like I'm going through a mid-life crisses. Well, maybe I am. But, it's a get my butt in gear, mid-life crises.  One other thing that I want to do is blog more. I really enjoy having the "family" of bloggers out there. You guys help keep me motivated!  I'm really looking forward to the next part of my life! Bring it on!!!!!!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, revamped!


Texan said...

When you make your health the focus, that is good! Healthy eating, start passing on anything that has chemicals, crud, stuff you can't pronounce or do not know what it is.

When you become picky about everything going in your body being good for you. It automatically fixes your eating issues. Some great reads on eating healthy, Eat to Live by Mark Fuhrman MD. Another one the China Study umm the title is so misleading its about our food and whats in it etc.

When we eat to live (our health) and not live to eat. :O). It works :O).

I am a runner but walking is great I did that for many, many, years before I became a runner. It doesn't matter what you do, just get moving :O).

Good for you girly! Can't go wrong focusing on your health!

Carolyn Renee said...

You go Small Farm Girl! Homesteading blogs are a great inspiration for me as well....kind'a like, "Hey, if they can do it, so can I!" Or at least attempt to do it! :)

Come on over to my blog at www.krazoacres.blogspot.com
We've just started our homesteading antics five years ago & it's always exciting!

freerangegirl said...

Good for you SFG - go for it! Im 38myself this August and im having similar thoughts. Like you its not about regret but more about making sure I dont put anything off - sort of 'if not now, then when?'

Im setting myself goals for my 40th now, nothing mad but just enough so that in two years time I dont have a complete melt down!

I like your focus - health and happiness - the only things worth striving for x

Sarah said...

You go girl! Get out there and conquer that homesteading world! The weeds and bushes won't know what hit them!
Seriously, I know what you mean, and I commiserate with you and applaud you for deciding to go after life full force! I'm right there with you...as soon as I can get out of this truck!

small farm girl said...

Texan- Thanks for the encouragement!

Carol- I visited your blog. Very nice! I can learn a few things off of you too!!! lol

Freerangegirl- Let's do this together!

Sara- It sounds like you have a homestead already. Yours is just moble. lol

Ruta said...

Well, happy belated birthday to you SFG!
It's funny, I am turning 47 this year and I am doing the same sort of reflecting. You seem passionate about your future and your health...that is a great thing!

~mel said...

Happy belated B'day! I'm reflecting too on my life lately. I'm with you on the getting healthier. I think you're approaching the 'second half' the right way ... doing what makes YOU happy. When you're happy, those around you are happy too. AND ... I LOVE your idea of keeping up the blogging ... for me ... it's my cheap therapy. Thanks for sharing.

small farm girl said...

Ruta- Thank you! Now if I can stay as passionate. lol

Mel- That is exactly what I'm doing!

The Wife said...

Well happy birthday to you!! May your second half of life be blissful! As I sit here eating animal crackers reading about you becoming healthier!! Don't we all put things off. Geez, we have fence that so needs to be fixed. Odds and ends around here.

Grandpa said...

Happy Birthday!

Great to hear you are revamping, and into homesteading (and more blogging too!). You did say this could get good didn't you?

small farm girl said...

Wife- I have followed your blog for some time now. Glad to see you have joined this mess too! lol

Grandpa- Ya, it could get good. hehehehe

The Wife of a Dairyman said...

It's my first time here and love your blog:) Great goals to have for the second {more than half} of your life:) Nice to meet you!

~Tonia said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!

SciFiChick said...

Happy Birthday SFG,one year older...

small farm girl said...

Wife of a Dairyman- Thank you. I try. hehehehe

Tonia and Sci- Thanks man!!!!!!lol

Kelle said...

Well..... since you are younger, let's make a pact I'll keep you motivated if you do the same*wink*

One thing as I've aged I realize that I was always worried about others feelings and what they thought before my own needs. Not that I don't worry about others feeling or needs now, but I have put mine before all of them and in my youth it was totally opposite. You know what I've found out, most people don't even seem to notice. There are a few( family members*sigh*) who are just self centered enough that they see the change and now are throwing fits, well.... to bad! They are sort of like friends, who are your friends as long as you are doing something for them*sigh* and yet it is never shared in return.

Happy Birthday( belated) and I'm glad you'd pondered life and found your inspiration.

Anonymous said...


small farm girl said...

Kelle, if you keep me motivated, I will try to help you out too. lol! It's going to be hard for me to do things that I want to do. I have never had that chance. I have to figure out what that is.

Debbie...Thank you!

Peacemom said...

Happy Birthday!! I'm chuckling to myself because I did exactly what you're doing when I turned 40...and though life has gotten in the way of the homestead goals (we're renting here and hubby's laid off again), I'm making more of it happen this year, too. Big garden and chickens are my start. Best of luck to you in your goals! Purpose is a wonderful thing...~Vonnie, NH