Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleaning The Goat House

I went out this weekend to clean out the goat house/dog house. The goats were kind of surprised to see me out there with a pitch fork.(That's our old house in the background. That is how far our new house is from our old house. The goats are right next to the new house.)

"Your going to clean out our house?"

As you can see, I had plenty of help. That is my pitchfork that she is standing on.

Tipper had to check things out.

And again.

And again.

She wanted to get a close up.

Mudd wanted to see too.

Finally I got it cleaned out. Once it was clean, the girls decided to fight over who got to sleep in it first.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, goat house cleaner outer.


R Dean said...

I didn't realize you had goats too! They are so cute! Do you guys milk your goats and make cheese? I really enjoy reading about goats..maybe someday!!! And btw...the pictures are so cool...they are very photogenic!!!
How is your new house?

QUEEN TRACEY...or Master Mrs. Struble...whichever you prefer! said...

Great Pictures! The goats are so darn cute!

small farm girl said...

R Dean, the house is going great. We are living in the basement now. Very cold, no insulation. lol. We will be breeding the goats this spring. They will be a year old then. But, I may be buying one that will be ready to milk this spring.

~Tonia said...

I have one goat who LOVES all the Rakes, shovels and pitchforks I bring into the goat pen.. She rubs on them chews on them and if she could I think she would tote it off and hide it so she could keep it.
But on the other hand if I step into the buck pen Moses is Highly offended by the Pitchfork and is constantly trying to pry it out of my hands so he can knock it down!
They are always SOOOO much help!Cute Babies!!

Horses Are Our Lives said...

they sure look like they have fun personalities.

Razzberry Corner said...

I love goats! :)

Feral Female said...

Aren`t those goats just the biggest help? =)

Nancy said...

"Helpers" Haha! So cute and courious, your goaties. I bet they appreciated all your efforts. Looks very warm and cozy. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess cleaning a goat's house is like cleaning stalls. Hard Work!! The goats are darling. All grown up since their last photos!! Good hearing from you!!! ...debbie

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

How cute! They look so happy!

Texan said...

Amazing how curious they are when your doing something, isn't it. I am sure you had good conversation as well. Cubey just talks and talks to me whhen I work in their barn. The more I talk back the more she has to say LOL...

Kelle said...

They are too cute! Thanks for sharing them with us. Hey, see I did inspire people to clean, LOL!!!*wink*

When will you breed them so you have milk, I'm thinking they aren't quit old enough yet, am I right?

Blessings for your week,

BTW, we're at -7F and it's forecasted to get colder, Oh! YEA! can't you see the excitement on my face, NOT! PTL it's only for a few days, then a few days in the teens and then by the weekend back down to the sub zero temps for a few more day. That's January in MT.

Teri said...

Hey there!
I forgot just how cute goaties are! I want some!
I seen your reply that you are cold ... boy, do I know that feeling ... brrrrrr ... that is why we are such in a hurry here. Well at least all the second floor ceilings are now closed up ... and on to wall ... mB and hall, 2nd bath then all walls will be closed up. I know its rough going for ya. Maybe we won't have to many more COLD days.
Stay warm!

Sweetland Farm said...

Your goats are so cute! Was wondering what kind they were?!

Angel said...

So cute animals :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Too cute!