Sunday, October 24, 2010

Statement of the Day

If you ever think you don't have anything in this world, just move to another house. You will find that you have plenty.

SFG, house mover.


Anonymous said...

ain't that the truth! Good luck with the move :-)

Kelle said...

Awhhhh look at it a positive tone, where can we simplify( in other words downsize?*wink* I did this when we moved here and told Mike the garbage can was off limits to him and we donated car loads of "stuff", while he was working. Can you guess he's my packrat*wink*
Just think how nice it's going to be, kinda like looking at the canned goods down in the pantry, when I was burning out, LOL!!!!

Feral Female said...

Boy isn`t that the truth! Good luck with the moving!

granny said...

Yes,moving is the pits !!!
Im sooo happy I wont be doing that ever again :0)
I hope you get settled in soon..

~Tonia said...

Oh I hate moving!! When we moved this last time we had moved the year before for the first time in 10 years! SO we did alot of "reducing"! Then when we moved this time it still took a lot!.. But when you are moving 5 people and all their paraphanalia and all the animals too. Its a lot of stuff!

Anonymous said...

Are you in yet?? Moving is a great way of getting rid of a lot of "stuff" you don't need!! Did you? lol Hope your in by now!...debbie