Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's Cooking?

Hi guys! I feel like it's been forever since I've posted anything on here. We are still moving into the house. We now have heat(wood stove). We have water.(Only in the bathtub for now) We have electric.(In part of the house) Someone commented on my last post that it was a lot like camping. It really is! This place IS starting to feel more like a home. It's going to take a while though. I was going to wait until I had the whole house done before I showed pictures. Well, it's going to be a long while before it is all done. So, I figured I would start on one room at a time. You will see the finished product soon. I promise. (Don't get too excited, I can only do so much with what I've got. lol)

Anyway, I had to write something about what I see(heard)on t.v. the other day. I keep the t.v. on sometime just for the noise and something caught my attention. It was on Oprah. It was a show about cooking. Actually, it was a show about how to cook "good for you" foods. They were saying how cooking for yourself is more healthy than frozen dinners or eating out. Well DUH!!!!

Then I got to thinking,(I know, it's scary) people don't know HOW to cook anymore. Grocery stores are full of food that is already made or instant. So the up and comming generations really DON'T know how to fix a meal from scratch. They have it in their minds that if you cook something from scratch it will take all day. Wrong! It just takes some planning. Get the chicken out of the freezer or making sure you have the right ingredeance.

I think we need to teach people how to cook. Get them back to the way our mothers and grandmothers use to cook for their families. Get back to whole foods. It's no wonder our kids are over weight. I think it's our duties to help them to learn how to cook.

Ok, I'm going to get off my soapbox now. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, good cooker.


Donna said...

I think what makes it really hard for people to cook from scratch is that husband and wife both work, sometimes spending more time on the road and at work than they do at home.
I often make our noon-time meal main course (dinner) in the morning while Cliff's still in bed, especially if we're going someplace. That way, knowing dinner is waiting at home, we're not so tempted to eat out.

Kelle said...

I agree with Donna, when both parents work outside the home, it is more tempting to eat out or fix something you can simply pop in the microwave.

What people need to learn, is as you pointed out SFG, how to be more prepared and then cooking from scratch truly doesn't take much more time than fast/ boxed foods or eating out and it is far better for you and saves you $$ as well.

We must be thinking on the same wave length. I just posted about this very topic :o)

Glad you home is coming along and we'll look forward to those pictures :o)

Meadowlark said...

Definitely time to "cool-ify" home ec again. It is so easy to cook from scratch, it just requires thinking ahead... walk in the door, pour the rice you measured out in 1-cup baggies into the water on the stove, it starts to heat while you change clothes, then come back out and the chicken you threw in marinade last night comes out of the fridge into a skillet and the bag-o-salad -- because YES, I'm not TOTALLY about scratch ;) -- goes into a bowl, turn the chicken, remove the rice from the heat and in a few more minutes DINNER! People don't want to think, they'd rather fill their bodies with preservatives. :(

Now go get decorating/redoing so we can see.

Nancy @ el vigilante said...

I made sure both my boys knew how to cook at the least, the essentials -- bread, meats, pasta, you know the drill... my youngest is always experimenting with new recipes. I'm such a proud mom.

Great post and look forward to seeing some of your new digs. :)

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Some school systems are trying to drop HomeEc......yikes...!!


Melodie said...

I have been thinking this a lot lately! Our generation has no clue how to cook! That is why our population as a whole is so unhealthy and there are so many fat kids! We need home ec back in schools too because if the moms can't cook then they sure aren't teaching their kids to cook!

granny said...

I always cook from scratch,not only because I love to cook,but who the heck can afford to eat take away and buy ready made food from the supermarket ?? Not me !
On sunday I cook enough for Pa and I for afew if its a busy week,we have a meal all ready in the fridge or freezer :0)

thecrazysheeplady said...

I have a couple friends who can really cook. I think it's an art...that I don't have. Eating mac and cheese from the box again. Sigh.

Teri said...

And for those of us who do work outside of the home ( both of us) plus the farm ... there is a little know device called the crock pot ... It takes forethought and planning to be able to make scratch meals (shopping list, ingredients and so on) ... most people don't know how to do those things ... Maybe because nobody ever took the time to teach those forgotten menial tasks ... and why bother .... McDonalds serves every meal you could want. YUCK! We don't hardly ever eat out ... We make all our meals and, get this even deserts!
Still can't figure out why we are an over weight country .....hmmmm ..... Anyway, I'll stop now on that subject.
As for your house ... I know what that is like ... we have gutted the whole house and are going room by room ... and it is just us two. I was think a year ...but now I'm thinking realistically two.
Have a great weekend.

Russell Kofoed said...

I love to cook, although now that I live alone I'm not as creative. I don't buy pre-processed foods at all. I'm taking a break from butchering my deer and making a quick batch of venison sausage from scratch. grind the venison, grind the pork fat, spices, and stuff it in sheep casings. No problem.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Do they even offer home ec or any form of that anylonger in schools? It was a dying breed when I was in Jr. High, and was not even offered by the time I was in Sr. High ( This was almost 20 years ago now ). I think it is very important to know how to at least assemble a small meal from "scratch" maybe not forge out and bake your own bread, but at least not have to rely on prepackaged highly processed foods for your main staples. I've been trying to teach my 7 year old how to cook a little and he just loves it. Hopefully we all can get together and break this trend, and have fast food / eating out / prepackaged food as more of the minority than majority in our daily lives.

Sarawolf said...

So glad you wee able to move and now have some heat and at least some water in. I put a family cook book together of our recipes a couple yrs back (99 % from scratch recipes) and gave them to our children :).
A lot of the recipes were recipes handed down from both my mom and grandma and dh's mom and relatives.

City Sister said...

Every Saturday I make it a point to post about one of the homemade dinners I make over the week...healthy, simple, fun...I always welcome others to do so as well for I feel cooking becoming a rarity amongst my generation.