Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back In Business

The last month I've been having problems with my computer.  It was very slow and kept kicking me off the Internet.  At this point I was ready to get the ole hammer and chisel out and start chiseling.  It would have been faster than what my computer was going.

Anyway, a good friend asked when was the last time I done updates?  Ummm, updates?  I may be able to write on this blog, but it doesn't make me a computer genius.  In fact, I think any three year old would know more about computers than I do. So my friend scanned my computer and found that I had over 19 updates that needed to be done.  Well, huh.  To make a long story short after my computer updated all night long, I'm back to business.  Woooo Hooooo!!!

Actually, the computer going down couldn't have happened at a better time.  We've been busy around the farm.  Hubby has been working his butt off. He's been trying to get everything done before it gets too cold to do anything.  He's been cutting firewood, working on my Shack, fixing fence, rolling the last of the hay, and just the typical cleaning up for winter.   I'm really proud of him for how hard he's working on getting our homestead ready for the winter.  We both have been working a extra hard.

Oh, and I'm going to brag on myself for a bit. hehehehe.  I got to help mount the outside light on the Sherri Shack.  ALL BY MYSELF!  I also put in an outside receptacle.  Hubby was looking over my shoulder so that I would do it right and not cause anything to burn down, but I did it!!!  I know that there are many women out there that can do all of that with their eyes shut, but this was a first for me. I kind of liked it.  It actually felt like I done something.  When you do dishes or laundry, it never gets done.  It needs done the next day.   This was different. I shouldn't have to do this kind of work again.  A very nice feeling!

The pups are not really pups anymore.  They are getting big.  In fact, they are starting to get some of their harder farm training.  We have young calves that get out almost every day.  They don't go anywhere other than our yard.  But, this gives the Aussies training in herding cattle.  I have them push the cattle back into the field.  Chassis does a really good job.  When I have her by herself, she can tell that she listens to every word that I say.  When Holley is with her, she doesn't have a chance.  Whenever Chassis barks, Holley will run up and jump in her face.  Holley is still in the puppy play mode.  She still has a little bit of growing up to do.  I'm sure she will get there. Right now though, Chassis is the harder working of the two.  Chassis can even chase and catch a Frisbee.  I just LOVE watching her do this.  She can really jump high in the air.  Holley just wants to grab the Frisbee with Chassis and bring it back with her.  I'll have to get a video of this.  It's very cute.

I have a few other things to write about, but I don't want to make this a long post.  Now, that my computer is running a lot faster, I'm hoping to post more often.  Here's to good friends that know a little bit about computers!!! yay!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, back in business


Donna said...

I had a great frisbee dog once. I mean a real pro! It was Sadie, the dog before Iris. She would jump way up in the air to get it.

Vera said...

We have two rottweiller sisters, and one of them. Maz, is very much like your Chassis...very steady and serious, and will jump into the river to get a thrown stick. But not her sister, Blue, oh no, she just waits on the river bank so she can jump on Maz as she comes out of the water. And any time that Maz is on guard duty, Blue will be there mucking about round her. I am not sure that your Holley will every truly grow up. Like Blue, she is the fun part of the duo!