Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Were You?

I can remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit the towers.  I was managing a Dollar Tree in town.  I was on the phone with my mom as she told me what happened.  My dad, who is a Vietnam Veteran, knew right off that we were under attack.  He just knew...  

I remember turning the store radio to a station that was giving us play by play action.  While this was going on, I was trying to answer customer questions and helping cashiers with their work.  But I was always, always listening to that radio.

When my shift was over, I went home and woke Hubby up.  (He worked third shift at that time)  He had no idea what had happened that day.  We sat glued to the t.v.  because I hadn't seen the pictures or video of any of it.  The visual was way worse than just listening to it on the radio.

Later that night I remember going into town to get gas.  There was a rumor going around that gas prices were sky rocketing and we wanted to make sure we had some to get us through for a while. On the trip to the station,  I remember looking up in the sky and not being able to see any flashing lights from far away airplanes.  It was so weird not seeing those planes.  We live close to a navigational beacon that the commercial airplanes use to know where they are.  It was also rumored that the airplane that went down in PA, made a loop around this beacon's signal.

Out of the whole day though, the thing I remember the most was being scared.  Scared of how our lives were going to change.  I had all kinds of things going through my head on that drive to the gas station.  We have to go through a remote wooded area to get to the gas station and I was wondering if it would get to where we would have to live in a place like that.  Would we all be hiding from the horrible people that were trying to destroy America?  I remember starting to cry thinking that the way we lived would be gone.   At that time, Hubby and I didn't homestead.  We lived on the family farm, but we didn't grow a garden or anything like that.  We were in a different mindset then.  We lived like everybody else.  We had no idea how delicate our way of life really was.

 I also felt for those families that lost loved ones that day.  I could only imagine how they were feeling at the time.  My heart was very heavy for them.  It still is.

So on that most horrible day, can you remember what you were doing and how you felt?

Until next time,

Small Farm Girl, remembering


DFW said...

Yes, I remember every.single.minute of that day. I was in the air on the way to Chicago. Got grounded in Atlanta & spent the next few days w/SIL & BIL.


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small farm girl said...

DFW, I bet that was a scary time for you!! I would have worried myself sick wondering about getting home. I'm glad you had somewhere to go.

Not that kind, Thank you.

Anja said...

I was out earlier today with my twins and while I was out, I was thinking back to this day. I told the twins that i still remember this day as if it happened yesterday, I remember where I was, what I was thinking and that I kept saying this is no accident, you can't hit those towers by accident.

Remembering all those who were lost that day and the following days, month and years.

Anonymous said...

I remember it so well, hope I never forget! We were living in GA and I was getting ready to go see my children and grandchildren in TN. (Can't write any more because of the tears).


MC said...

Hubby and I were driving to class. We heard it on the radio, right after the first plane hit. I thought it had to be an accident, that it was being blown out of proportion-- and then the second plane hit.

I dropped him off at class and headed over to a friend's house with our baby to check out the TV news (we didn't have cable). I remember watching everything happen, holding our daughter and wondering what kind of world we'd brought her into after all.

When Flight 93 went down, I thought it must have been intentional (but not the way it turned out to be). I thought they had a nuke onboard; I kept waiting for the EMP.

I wondered how long it would take our government to seize on it as an opportunity to turn our country into a police state.

I won't say that was the beginning of thinking like a survivalist. I grew up in the woods. I will say it was the end of telling myself not to think like that, though.

small farm girl said...

Anja, it'd hard to believe how many people won't remember that day because they were too young.

Sorry D.....

MC, I didn't know WHAT to think. I'm glad you were already in that state of mind.