Monday, November 10, 2014

A Friend's New Blog

Hey guys!  I have a friend who is getting her blog up and running.  She lives on a small farm and she just bought her first goats.  She has been making goat milk soap for a while.  AWESOME goat milk soap.  She also makes skin care from goat milk.  I can honestly say it's some of the best skin care that I've ever tried.  And, with me being in the beauty business, that's saying a lot!!!  Drop by and check it out.  Plus, leave her a comment just to say hi.  Go easy on her though, she's new at this blogging thing. lol  Her blog is called Journey's Edge Farm.



the Goodwife said...

Heading there now! I love "meeting" new bloggers!

Carolyn said...

OOoooooo! Another blog to follow!