Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Lies of Spring

Do you remember Spring? You know, that time of year when everything is all nice and fresh and new. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and you can NOT wait to get into the garden to plant acres of green beans and corn. You know, because YOU are going to work from sun up to sun down in the garden. Picking and weeding until your garden looks like something out of a Homes and Gardens magazine.

And then......(you knew this was coming).......Summer arrives.  The bugs come out and eat your potatoes. The crows pull up your corn one by one. The heat sucks all of the juice out of any tomato that ventures to grow on a withered vine. The humidity is so thick you have to wear a scuba mask just to breath oxygen. My weeds are taller than my beans. I tell everyone it's because I'm using them to shade my vegetables . Yea, that's it. Veggie shades.

I've come to the conclusion that Spring lies to me. It tells me things like, "The weather will ALWAYS be this nice." or " There won't be very many weeds in the garden this year." or my favorite " You will want to work sooooo much this summer that you will lose a gazillion pounds." LIES! All LIES!!!!! LOL!

So as I'm sitting here in my A/C house, enjoying a green/mint ice tea, I think of the lies of Spring, the truth of Summer, and the hope for Fall.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, trying to stay cool.


SweetLand Farm said...

true! hope things cool off and you can enjoy gardening again. I like that "veggie shade" made me laugh.

White Sheep Farm said...

I feel your pain! Right there with ya,but you forgot to add drought, racoons,and the chiggers!
How many days till fall?????

thecrazysheeplady said...

Amen sister.

Hey, love your farm name. Your blog keeps not showing up on my daily update list so I'm way behind with you :-(.

CrankyPuppy said...

And don't forget the squash bugs, grasshoppers, cuke beetles and tomato fungus. Thanks for the laughts, SFG....I needed one!

Anonymous said...

we have been lucky so far that the most problems we have had with bugs has been with the ticks and chiggers. and i think that the wildlife finds it cooler in the forest-so far they have left my garden alone. the worst of the heat seems to be past us, but it aint august yet so i am taking this little bit of rain and mild summer heat to rest up in case we get another blast of the heat wave. lol, cant stand the weeds so i do keep them cut down...but as for shades in the gardens just imagine what it looks like with old lacy curtains draped everywhere! hey, it works..a little shade and keeps the birds from snacking.

Anonymous said...

It has been a wild early summer for sure!! These storms are enough to mess up your garden with those high winds and hard rain. I'm not sure fall will be our answer. We may skip fall and go right into winter around December!! ...debbie

Candy C. said...

Cute post! I like the "veggie shade" theory!! ;-)