Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wondering What To Say

I'm gonna try this again. I really love to blog. I like being connected to people from around the country. I feels like we are all friends. But, I'm not that good at coming up with things to blog about. I read some peoples blogs who write every day. I wish I could do that. How do they come up with things to blog about? I'm not good at talking on the phone. I'm not good at writing letters either(wink Kelle). After the first few minutes, I'm not good at talking to a person face to face. I just run out of things to say. But, I'm going to try. Maybe not every day, but a lot more than I am blogging now. ( Happy now Lil Sis?)

Now, back to everyday life.....

We had a nice Thanksgiving around here. Visiting with family and friends. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? And of course, I ate too much. Two days in a row. I am officially starting a diet. lol.

We have been working with the horses a lot. We also received another two horses to the farm. Scout's mom came back to the farm after staying down at Hubby's dad's house for awhile. She needed to lose some weight. We also ended up getting another horse from Hubby's dad. Her name is Ginger. (I'll have pictures later.) She is another horse that was starved almost to death. She is(or was) a beautiful quarter horse. (I have a small spot in my heart for quarter horses. I use to barrel race when I lived up north.) Any way, we are going to have to put some weight back on her. I am this close to starting a horse rescue. It seems that's all we are doing lately. But, I'm afraid we would be bombarded with thousands of offers for horses to come here.

The last time I heard, there are over 20,000 horses that have been let lose in the state of Ky alone. People just can't afford to keep them. Horses have no value now. You can get a good horse for less than $100. That's including the saddle! It has been made illegal to kill horses for meat in the state of Kentucky. Now I am NOT for slaughtering beautiful horses just because you don't want them anymore, but I am also not for just letting them lose where they can be hit by trucks and trains, or, they could get diseases and die. Yes, I know there is mustangs out west that live in the wild. But, out west there is open spaces for them to run and be free. Kentucky is a little more populated. I have no answer for this hard question. All I know is I am doing my part in helping out these poor creatures.

Hey, for a person that doesn't have much to say, I sure said a lot today. lol

Until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, blabber mouth.


granny said...

Nice to have you back!! Sounds like you are doing a great job looking after needy horses,good on you :0)
We have a wild Brumby problem in some parts of Australia,wonderful people like yourself are herding them,training them and then they are going to good homes once they are fit and healthy.
Have a great weekend.

~Tonia said...

I get blogging blocks!!! Lol Sometimes I read what I typed out and think No one wants to read that and I will backspace it all away!! I am the same way on the phone too.. But I tend to be able to talk face to face.. as long as people talk aback.. If I know you I will probably talk your ear off. If I don't know you I am liable to talk your ear off.. depending on the person.. I find goat people and talk and talk.. Homeschool people.. The same way.. People I have absolutely nothing in common with.. Well I try to find Something to talk about.. Lol
I know the same thing has happened with horses here.. I don't agree with slaughter just because the horse is no longer wanted. But Honestly they would be better off to be sent to the slaughter house then turned out and not being taken care of or turning into a nuisance. Horses can do a lot of damage to things(fences, gardens) in general. Its heartbreaking to see.....

small farm girl said...

Granny...I would be delighted to catch and train the horses running lose here. The only problem is, nobody wants them. It's sad.

Tonia....It's funny, I work with the public. I set across from someone for at least an hour doing their nails. I have to come up with something to say each time. Maybe I just talk myself out. lol

Anonymous said...

I wondered where you went!! Welcome back to bloggerland!! lol You keep saying you don't have anything to say, but you always have great posts. And I love to hear about horses. And family and there are times I think my blog is pretty pitiful too. But I just babble on. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. I think everyone did!! Hope to read you again soon!!...debbie

Faith said...

I am often that way talking face to face. I am not good in In-Between-Land. Getting to know people right at first, easy, lots to ask and share. Then when you have become close and can talk about anything, that's easy too. They will listen to me prattle on about almost anything. It's the weird place in the middle, where you've gotten past the chit-chat, and still not real close, and you just wonder what to talk about. LOL

But I have enjoyed all your posts. :o)

I had no idea about the horses being let go in KY. ^That's rough. I know my horses are worth about 1/10 of what I paid for them. I suspect that's got to be happening elsewhere as well.


Kelle said...

Letter writing isn't a worry,friend and you know it*wink* Write when you can, that's my theory.

I've been blank for what to write about too! Life seems so slow and boring compared to Spring and Summer, although don't get me wrong, we needed the break and we,ourselves, are not bored just what we have to write about seems so boring and dull.

I read that even the big Kentucky Thoroughbred farms are destroying horses, so they don't have to feed them. It's a sad state of affairs that for sure. At our local horse sale they are selling two year old registered quarter horses for $50. I wish we had enough land to provide grazing and hay and I'd buy a couple for our own pleasure riding. Alas hay is high in price and we simply don't have enough land to support any more grazing animals*sigh*

Blog when you can and remember what you think is not worthy of blogging about is interesting to us, so share, okay!
Have a restful Sabbath day,

Anonymous said...

Hello, I also enjoy reading your blog. Wow, great FYI on the horses being released in Kentucky. I know here in North Florida they are also having a problem. People are trying to give horses away and now one will take them. I am seeing many horses that are really underwieght do to people not being able to feed them. It is surely a sad situation. I know people love their horses and it has to send them spiraling into a depression not to be able to do more for them.

small farm girl said...

Debbie....Thanks for the encouragement. It means a lot.

Faith....In-Between-Land is exactly where I get stuck! I couldn't have put it better myself.

Kelle...Thanks for not giving up on me when it comes to the letters. lol. Hubby said we would take some of the Quarter Horses. He said you could ride them down and we will pay for your plane ticket back. hehehehe. It cost over $800 to ship a horse that far. Tell me if you want to take him up on his offer. hehehehehe

Barbara....It is sad to see the horses being left in that condition. But people just don't know what to do with them. They can't sell them to anyone. No one wants them.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Feral Female said...

You did a wonderful job of finding what to say! That was an interesting and informative entry and I`m glad you gave it another try!

R Dean said...

SFG, I find your writing and what you have to say very interesting! A horse rescue, what a cool concept! Why not? I had NO idea horses are being let go, that is truly sad! We have often thought about getting one, but I don't ride, and with only four acres...very hilly acres, not sure it that is enough space. I'm going to start with chickens! :-)

R Dean

Jenni said...

Wow! Look at all the commenters on your blog! I enjoy following and reading about what's going on in KY.

When you run out of things to say, you can do an online search for topics to blog about... surprisingly people have even written books on the topic! I guess we're not the only ones to get blogger's block! :-D

small farm girl said...

FF....Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

R Dean....If you ever decide to get a horse, look me up. I'm sure I can find you something. lol

Jenni....I didn't know people wrote books about topics for blogs. I guess people will write about anything. lol

Thanks again guys.

Anonymous said...

Wow. People are still getting a good penny for horses up here in NE Ohio. From several hundred to 1500 or more.

I go through spells where I can't think of a thing to write even though a lot happens that I could be writing about. :-) Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog.